By JB Williams

Enough with the insanity over the blatant violations of our immigration and naturalization laws and the accelerating illegal invasion of our beloved nation! Enough!

At this very moment, every member of the Obama Administration, every member of congress, every employee of the INS, ICE, DOJ, HHS and DHS is directly and purposefully engaged in treason, due to their ongoing participation in an outright “invasion” of our country by “illegal aliens.” In fact, every member of the U.S. Military who is following orders to aid and abet this process is guilty of following “unlawful orders.”

Treason is defined as – 1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

Let’s not mince words here — The all-out effort by our Federal Government to aid and abet the accelerating illegal invasion of our nation by “lawless” inhabitants pouring across our southern border is indeed an overt attempt to overthrow our government of, by and for the legal citizens of the United States; a direct violation of their oaths of allegiance to our country; a betrayal of a trust, a breach of faith and an act of treachery against the legal citizens of the United States.


The Dictator-in-Chief is once again threatening to “act alone without congress” to permanently violate U.S. Immigration Laws and the Constitution of the United States. But the Executive Branch has no law-making authority whatsoever. Under Article I of the U.S. Constitution, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” – Not the Executive or Judicial Branches.

Further, the U.S. Constitution assigns all legal authority “To establish a uniform rule of naturalization” (governing immigration to the U.S.) to Congress alone. Congress has established the uniform rules for legally immigrating to this country.

This means that neither the Executive Branch nor Judicial Branch has any authority over U.S. immigration and naturalization whatsoever, other than both have a solemn Constitutional duty and obligation to “enforce” the laws made by Congress.

Under Article IV – Section IV of the U.S. Constitution – “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion;” – Yet it is the United States government which is directly involved in aiding and abetting the overt illegal invasion of our nation. It’s an act of treason!


In 1986, Congress enacted the most recent update to U.S. Immigration and Naturalization laws under The Immigration Reform Act of 1986 dated 6 November, 1986. The law allowed for a “one-time” amnesty for an estimated one million illegal aliens in our country at the time. But it did so on the condition that our Immigration and Naturalization laws would be immediately and forever enforced thereafter.

Since 1986, both the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch have refused to abide by and enforce our immigration laws. More than twenty-million new illegal invaders later, the American people are being told that we must “reform” these laws again to accommodate the desires of millions of illegal invaders from all over the globe.

We are also being told that “if Republicans in the House of Representatives refuse to reform and provide amnesty again,” the Dictator-in-Chief will “act on his own” without any constitutional authority whatsoever.

This means that House Republicans are the link to what happens next in our country, concerning the escalating illegal invasion of our nation aimed at forever altering the social integrity of our society. It means that push has come to shove, not only on illegal immigration, but on the fundamental issue of the Rule of Constitutional Law.

If Congress, in particular House Republicans, fail in their duty to hold both the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch fully accountable for their acts of treason against American citizens, the Rule of Law has completely collapsed in America and we are now just another third world dictatorship.


Thousands of illegal invaders are pouring across our borders from all over the world bringing in all sorts of illnesses and agendas that threaten the safety, security and sovereignty of every American citizen. Our Federal government is behind it all in an attempt to “import the global agenda” against the will of every decent American.

In San Antonio, Texas, self-described “brown-shirt” enforcers from an alleged Baptist Children and Family Services of San Antonio (“BCFS”), are threatening to arrest medical personnel trying to deal with the sudden influx of illegal invaders. Lackland Air Force Base has been converted into a make-shift import center for illegal invaders.

According to statements from medical professionals forced to aid and abet illegal invaders at Lackland Air Force Base – “…taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans.”

“There were several of us who wanted to talk about the camps, but the agents made it clear we would be arrested,” a psychiatric counselor told me. “We were under orders not to say anything.”

Workers are guarded by a security force from the Baptist Children and Family Services of San Antonio (“BCFS”), which the Department of Health and Human Services hired to run the Lackland Camp. When did the Baptist Church begin training “brown-shirt” enforcers of Federal illegal activities, like a mercenary group rather than missionary group?

“It is a very submissive atmosphere,” the counselor said. “Once you stepped onto the grounds, you abided by their laws – the Brown Shirt laws.”

“The workers were stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.” – “Everyone was paranoid,” she said. “The children had more rights than the workers.”

… “everybody knew they had scabies. Some of the workers were very concerned about touching things and picking things up. They asked if they should be concerned, but they were told don’t worry about it.”

A nurse reported she became especially alarmed because their files indicated the children had been transported to Lackland on domestic charter buses and airplanes. – “That’s what alerted me,” she said. “Oh, my God. They’re flying these kids around. Nobody knows that these children have scabies and lice. To tell you the truth, there’s no way to control it.

“I made a recommendation that a child needed to be sent to a psychiatric unit,” the counselor told me. “He was reaching psychosis. He was suicidal. Instead of treating him, they sent him off to a family in the United States.”

She said she filed a Child Protective Services report and quit her job. “I didn’t want to lose my license if this kid committed suicide,” she told me. “I was done. I did not go back to Lackland.

In California, citizens have been forced to “act on their own” to stem the tide on the Federal-run invasion of illegals by stopping a bus load of illegals being shipped from Texas to California, all at American taxpayer expense.

What we are dealing with here is not legal immigration; it is illegal migration, a full scale invasion of illegal foreigners. Obama’s bully “justice” department is suing U.S. employers over an English requirement.

Isn’t English the official language of the United States? Remember that Obama’s DOJ has also sued American companies for hiring illegal aliens. They are suing American employers at both ends of the disaster that they alone created.


Article I not only rests all law-making authority with Congress. It also gives Congress alone the authority to “provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions;” under Section 8, the enumerated powers of Congress. This power rests with congress alone so that when the Executive and Judicial branches refuse to execute the laws of the union, congress can solve the problem.

Congressional Democrats are behind the intentional effort to collapse the entire United States of America by overwhelming all of our government agencies and budgets with a massive assault on all American interests, including the importing of illegal invaders from the worst corners of the earth.

However, Congressional Republicans are entirely responsible for sitting idly by and allowing it all to happen on their watch. Congressional Republicans will be held accountable for failing to hold Federal Democratic Socialists accountable.

No one in DC is an elected representative of “the people of the world.” They are all elected representatives of the legal Citizens of the United States and today, they are ALL engaging in treasonous acts against the people, the country, which they have taken a sacred oath to protect and defend. They are all criminals at best.

It is not enough for Congressional Republicans to sit back and refuse to pass yet another worthless immigration reform act intended to forever destroy our country. They must stand up and STOP OBAMA and Democrats from “acting alone without Congress” in their final rush to finish off the American people and collapse the greatest free nation ever known to mankind.

They must stand up, call the troops to the border, lock it down, stop the invasion and deport every illegal invader on sight. There is no other acceptable solution!


Nowhere in our Charters of Freedom does it suggest that members of congress should sue the Executive Branch when the administration is acting in a totally lawless fashion, at odds with the best interest of the American people and in direct violation of Constitutional authorities.
Even Obama knows that this is worse than an empty threat from House Republicans, challenging them publicly, “Go ahead, and sue me!” – Any effort by Congressional Republicans to sue Obama is a blatant step to abdicate all congressional constitutional authority to a federal Obama appointed judge. It’s unacceptable!

When the Executive Branch becomes a lawless entity operating in a manner destructive of the country, it is the right and duty of Congress, under the U.S. Constitution, to end the inside insurrection against the nation by immediately moving to impeach the administration, remove them from power and hold them accountable for their actions under U.S. Criminal Law.

Anything less represents a total collapse of the law.

It is the power and duty of Congress alone to call out the armed forces to “enforce the laws of the union” and close the Southern Border, deport ALL illegal invaders, and return the nation to a lawful government which enforces its laws without regard to race, religion or political creed.


The U.S. Congress is the only political body in the country with the authority and power to stop this insanity. Congressional Democratic Socialists are at the heart of every problem in this country today. But Congressional Republicans are just as much to blame for abdicating their authority and allowing the anti-American illegal insanity to continue.

Every member of congress will be responsible for the nationwide pandemic that could be the result of the mass migration of God knows who into our country. Obama & Co. are shipping these invaders to cities all over America. It’s an invasion and it is up to congress to stop it… or…
Once our entire Federal Government is operating as a lawless insurgency against this nation and its rightful legal citizens, all bets are off.

There are no laws in a lawless society. If the Federal Government is no longer bound by the Rule of Law, then no American citizen is bound by the law either. When our government rewards the lawlessness of illegal invaders and labels Americans who stand opposed “domestic terrorists,” the situation has already deteriorated to the level in which it is every American for themselves.

Congressional Republicans simply must take immediate action to stop this treasonous administration from destroying what’s left of the United States before there is nothing left at all.


Work with your State Governors to execute the Right of each state to defend itself and its people against invasion, when the Federal government is refusing to do so. If all peaceful solutions fail, prepare to defend your homes and families from illegal invaders and federal “brown shirts” who have placed every decent honest American citizen in the crosshairs.

When the government fails in its duty to uphold and enforce the laws of this great nation, the people may have to stand up and enforce them. Congressional Republicans have an opportunity to avoid that inevitability. But thanks to Obama & Co., there is a tight window of opportunity now.

Worst president since WWII indeed!

If American taxpayers are going to pay to transport illegal invaders, transport them back to their home counties. There is no other acceptable solution and the clock is ticking.



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  1. Article 4 section4 in the U.S. Constitution states that we are to be protected from invasion by our government, but it’s our government that is sponsoring this invasion. It’s just wrong, but what can we do?

  2. There is a correction on who the brown shirts are. it isn’t the baptist family and children services(bfcs) it is simply bcfs. website

    Corporate Office
    1506 Bexar Crossing
    San Antonio, TX 78232
    Toll Free: 1-800-830-2246
    Local : 210-832-5000
    Fax: 210-832-5005

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