Miller Questions Efforts to House Illegal Migrant Children in MI

By: Dick Manasseri
WatchDog Wire – Michigan

Congresswoman talks to Lou Dobbs about crisis

Tenth congressional district U.S. Rep. Candice Miller wants the Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell to answer the questions that trouble many Michiganders.

For instance:

1. What is the process in which HHS determines where to relocate these UAC [Undocumented Alien Children]? Which other agencies, state and local government entities, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders are involved in this decision?

2. Where in Michigan is HHS, any contractor, or any subcontractor of HHS, seeking space to relocate these UAC?

3. How many UAC are HHS currently seeking to temporarily relocate in Michigan? What is your long-term plan for these individuals? Will this relocation to Michigan serve as a short-term housing option or will this be a permanent housing option?

4. Who, within the State or each respective community, have you notified about your intention to relocate these UAC, and when?

5. Which law enforcement agencies, within the State or each respective community, have you notified about your intention to relocate these UAC?

6. Which State or local health agencies have you notified about your intention to relocate these UAC?

7. What access, if any, will these UAC have to the community and its services?

8. What protective services, if any, have been arranged for by HHS for the facilities that will house the UAC?

9. Can you confirm that the State and local communities will not bear any costs for these UAC?

Rep. Miller wants the answers before any plans to relocate UAC to Michigan move forward.

But that may not happen. This past Friday Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska excoriated federal officials for refusing to give him details about 200 undocumented children who have been placed in his state.

“I’m just very, very concerned and I can’t believe in America we have a government who is essentially secretly transporting (them) to Nebraska and we can’t know who they are … the Federal Government should be very transparent about what’s occurring,” states Heineman.

Governor Rick Perry, reflecting the alarm of citizens in Texas, rightfully wonders if the President really cares about the security of the U.S. border: “”The president has sent powerful messages time after time — by his policies, by nuances that it is OK to come to the United States and you can come across and you’ll be accepted in open arms. That is the real issue.”

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, however, has remained largely silent, on this national security matter, despite the alarm of citizens in Michigan. (About the possibility of relocating the immigrant minors to Vassar, a Snyder administration merely opined that “We want to help people. We are a welcoming state.”) Snyder joins the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Rep. Gary Peters in their support of comprehensive immigration reform, with its proposed amnesty for undocumented aliens (including as many as 150,000 undocumented immigrants already in Michigan and who cost the state nearly $1 billion).

Will Rep. Miller ever get a response from HHS?

Or, is this a “manufactured human crisis” where bureaucratic secrecy is critical?

Editor’s Note: M.I.C.E. (Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement) is planning three events in Vassar today.


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3 thoughts on “Miller Questions Efforts to House Illegal Migrant Children in MI

  1. Lots of questions and dithering. All fine and good until she is rebuffed by the Regime and told to go packing and the dust is settled de facto months later. I think we have more influence than Congress (e.g. citizens turning back buses of illegals in southern California) — John R.

  2. Rick Snyder will not get my vote if he approves relocating these disease ridden people in Michigan. I’m sure there are a whole lot than me feel this way. He accepted bribe money to put common core in the education system. Looks like he will have 2 black eyes if he approves

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