14 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Was Right

  1. (GOOD JOB fellow kiwi! ~> ^5! **__**)

    *Listen to this NOT4SALE Proven Reformer, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party, America

    Research what this Governor did with the AK budget in just 3 full legislative sessions – how her work caused AK’s credit rating to be raised

    More Americans are WISING UP as the days go by wrt the truth about Sarah Palin ,,,,

    I think we can confidently assert now that she has very sound judgment………………you know, it’s quite uncanny that Former Gov Sarah Palin correctly read Obama’s character, and what kind of leader he would be, way back on the 08 Campaign trail …. with such specificity -……………. nothing she has predicted yet (wrt Obamacare, wrt Economy QE policy etc etc ) has been proven false, which is quite remarkable.

    btw – if any readers want to hear some extremely eerie ‘fortune-telling’, (but really, predictive conclusions correctly drawn, after making accurate character assessments), listen online to Gov Sarah Palin’s RNC speech, sep 3rd 2008 ….

    America needs this TRUTH TELLER and Corruptocrat FIGHTER, Gov Sarah Palin, in the Oval Office – look at her record in AK ! She dismantled the *Corrupt B*stards Club* up there ….

    now, does America have a Corrupt B*stards’ Club in DC, operating on STEROIDS???

    Send her to DC and watch the RATS squeal as they try to RUN and HIDE!

    Also, I think it would be best if this NOT4SALE Proven Reformer is directing things from the WH as the IMPLOSION hits America in the future (we are ticking over toward 120% of GDP in debt = Greece territory)

    she is a born Exec Officer/Manager with > 20 years of experience, her most VITAL trait being, she is NOT4SALE

    that quality ALONE is the single most important one if the US Govt is to be successfully reformed and Constitutional America rescued

    imagine what a POTUS could do, if they were beholden to NOBODY, no Lobbyists, no special interest groups, no big donors … a POTUS with a SINGLE ENTRY on her IOU list = “The American People”!

    at the same time she is the most experienced Leader wrt Energy Issues and will also manage the EXPLOSION of American energy development

    both the IMPLOSION/Reform of Govt and the EXPLOSION of American energy development must kick in at exactly the same time, if Constitutional America is to survive and thrive again


    In summary then:
    America’s biggest problem = pic.twitter.com/wr0xPTk1g2.
    America’s solutions = pic.twitter.com/LdQWzHX5gd & ~> pic.twitter.com/zl31AO8Y3X

  2. Gov Sarah Palin has had Obama’s measure since before he was elected in 2008; she knew his weak equivocating over the Russian invasion of Georgia back in 08 could encourage Putin to waltz into Crimea in the future, should he be elected ,…… boy, was she RIGHT

    and that’s not the only instance which has found Sarah Palin prescient wrt Obama’s decision-making ..


    right on Obama tying gun-grabbing to his Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT Bill

    ~> she’s ALWAYS correct!

    Sarah Palin has displayed sound judgement, CORRECTLY predicting the consequences of decisions taken, especially by Obama .. over and over again …

    Who else in leadership has demonstrated such remarkable accuracy in this realm?

    Answer: – NOBODY

    America desperately needs a Commander-in-Chief with DEMONSTRABLE sound judgement …

  3. Vote Conservative – Vote Republican…uh no thanks I’ll just vote Conservative, not necessarily Republican. Palin is right, sadly last time she was on the ticket she was saddled with a Progressive in McCain.

    1. Compared to the smartest man to ever live, Mr. 57 States Odumbo. Or was it the Corpseman, or the what language do they speak in Austria. Should I go on.

    1. Thank you for posting. I just got your book The Enemies Within and have already started reading it. I’m from a Communist country AND I support Sarah Palin, the antidote to Communism and Big Government.

    2. Sarah Palin has been CORRECT in her judgement of future consequences, wrt the decision-making of Leaders, especially Obama, REPEATEDLY …

      This character and intellectual trait, the ability to JUDGE what future consequences will be, ACCURATELY, is *the* most important personal quality for a President of The United States and Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful Military Forces in the world, to have …

      Big Mama Grizzly clearly possesses THIS QUALITY

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