Jay Carney: Cooking With Communism

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Evil, being inherently stupid, strikes again and again with Jay Carney. He just can’t help himself and actually, he’s proud of being a Communist. The Carneys, in their incredible conceitedness and arrogance, decided that it would be so very cool to let the magazine, Washingtonian MOM, do a feature on the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s wife, Claire Shipman, and how she manages her “active role as a journalist, wife, and modern working mom.” What they didn’t list, is how she manages all this while juggling her Communist beliefs evidently. We all know how these people lean, but come on! This is rubbing it in our collective faces.

Highlighted is the Carney kitchen with a heartwarming scene of Mom and kids cooking away. It looks like they cooked up enough for a Communist regime if you look closely as well. Sweet rolls, pancakes, melons, a whole host of other fruit, eggs and bacon, muffins… Just who are they getting ready to feed? A third world America? This is a Soviet-style propaganda puff piece for the masses and it is very professionally done, right down to the two Soviet propaganda posters on their walls behind them in the above pic. Where most people would put beloved family photos or treasured art, the Carneys display what is closest to their ideology – from Russia with love.

On the wall, is “a version of this iconic design by artist Dmitry Moor with a soldier pointing his finger alongside text that says ‘Have YOU Enlisted?’ in Russian.”

The Business Insider says of this poster: “The woman in the poster is switching out a tag with a man’s name to one with hers and the text says: ‘Women! Learn production, replace workers who went to the front! The stronger the hinterland – the stronger the front!’”

Memories from the Motherland. Good times for the Carneys.

It’s a love story really… Russia is where Carney and Shipman met in the 1990s. How touching. Of course they didn’t actually fall in love until the late 1990s while working for a list of mainstream media outlets and then meeting at a White House press conference. She was divorced and Carney swooped in. Carney worked at Time magazine’s Moscow bureau when in Russia and Shipman was with CNN there. It’s a small world for Communists, don’t ya know? And did you know, Carney also graduated from Yale with a degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies? What a wild coincidence. I’m sure that he and his adorable wife aren’t Communist plants at all. Nooo.

Bringing Soviet propaganda on home to America just fits, as our friends at The People’s Cube illustrate brilliantly:

The Heritage Foundation nailed it on the topic as usual:

“This is clearly in extremely poor taste against the backdrop of growing Russian intimidation in the Ukraine,” says Nile Gardiner, director of Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation.

‘You have a key Obama administration official celebrating the Soviet era, an era in which tens of millions of people died at the hands of a brutal totalitarian system,” Gardiner adds. “It is simply disgraceful for the White House press secretary to be glorifying the propaganda of a monstrously evil tyranny.”

What you are seeing here is an intentional glimpse into the real leanings of our Progressive leaders. You have a Communist Press Secretary and a journalist, who is right at home in our Marxist media, spreading propaganda to the masses. How’s your KGB file hangin’ ABC? The Carneys shamefully flout their wealth, use their children as a photo op and go out of their way to show how much more intelligent they are than common Americans. Just look at the Photoshopped image below:

Lots of books equals really smart. Not so much, especially when you are caught red-handed manipulating info and photos to the public. Gee, this is ‘sub-par‘ for the course concerning the media.

This last pic of an uber Jenga set, is telling. Modified a bit by someone who sees through all the hype and propaganda. 😉 It reflects just how stable our government is. Sadly, when the wrong block is pulled, it will all come tumbling down and America with it.

Jay Carney and family: cooking with Communism. Better not invite Mooch over — you’ll be in big trouble over that spread in the kitchen (after she eats it). Our comrades, the Carneys, should move back to Moscow, their first love – the Motherland is calling. The Carneys — the all-American Marxists.


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2 thoughts on “Jay Carney: Cooking With Communism

  1. This is so absurd, Obama is killing people all across the world for the american empire, he is far from a communist or muslim. the rich love to have us so misled.

  2. Jay Carney wouldn’t be working in the WH if he didn’t have a unabashed love of Communism or Islam, or both in the case of Obama. Obama is not going to have anyone working in his Administration who believes in our nation as founded, believes the Constitution is the supreme law of the land…the resume for anyone working in this Administration must include being a radical Leftist ideologically

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