Sugar Daddies for the Global Left

By: Cliff Kincaid
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It turns out that abortion zealot Wendy Davis of Texas was put through law school by a wealthy husband who took care of her children. She had been depicted by the liberal media, including The Huffington Post, as a struggling single teenage mom who made it on her own. But the curiosities don’t end there. Arianna Huffington has her own sugar daddy—Nicolas Berggruen, a German-born billionaire who has just provided her with the big money for a new global media venture, The World Post.

The Huffington Post, a platform for advocates of abortion and homosexual rights and marijuana legalization, was named after Arianna Huffington’s ex-husband, Michael Huffington, who was born rich and then turned gay. She used his money from a divorce settlement to start the on-line news service in 2005.

One of her co-founders, the late Andrew Breitbart, left in disgust over its leftist tilt to start a conservative alternative, now called Breitbart News.

The Huffington Post specializes in covering alleged “shocking” statements by conservatives and Republicans, and demonizing those who disagree with the “progressive” agenda. It has been described by critics as a platform for “anti-Israel hate speech and anti-Semitism,” as well as a mouthpiece for Al Jazeera and various terrorist groups. It employs personnel from Al Jazeera and Moscow-funded Russia Today, and even hosts a blog written by Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.

In this case, with the launch of The World Post at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Huffington is really going global.

The theme of this year’s 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business,” which means not only saluting China’s emergence as a global power, but facilitating Iran’s entry into the “international community” as one of the world’s future top 10 economies.

Several hundred major corporations and foundations finance the World Economic Forum, making it a powerhouse on the global stage.

Huffington’s new partner, Berggruen, also finances the Berggruen Institute. It is dedicated to “the design and implementation of new ideas of good governance—drawing from practices in both East and West—that can be brought to bear on the common challenges of globalization in the 21st century.” It also wants to create institutions to “competently manage the global links of interdependence.”

The World Post fits in nicely with the theme of this year’s meeting, outlined in the release of a document, “Global Risks 2014,” which complains that “weak or inadequate global institutions” have impeded attempts “to cooperate on addressing global risks.”

Translated into ordinary language, this means the convergence of the capitalist and communist systems, leading to some form of one world government. And The World Post is shaping up as the house organ for this new world order.

Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels, who is editor-in-chief of The World Post, have written the book, Intelligent Governance for the 21st Century: A Middle Way between West and East.

In other words, capitalism is finished. It fulfills the vision of another billionaire, George Soros, the hedge fund operator who has declared capitalism to be the real global threat to the world. Soros is a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum and is there this time as well.

Echoing the view that America is in decline under President Obama, the home page of the Berggruen organization openly declares, “The great transition of our time is from American-led globalization” to “the interdependence of plural identities,” as “the dominance of the West recedes with the rise of the rest.”

Those “plural identities” are American adversaries and enemies.

However, the “ideas of good governance” from the East, highlighted by a lead interview in The World Post with the Chinese president, come at a time when a CNN crew has been “roughed up” in China while trying to cover the trial of a human rights lawyer.

Interestingly, a new survey shows that Chinese communist leaders preside over far more “inequality” than the “capitalist” political leaders in America.

But Chinese communism is a system the elites can work with.

This emerging new world order will also include terrorist regimes like Iran, whose President Hassan Rouhani recently delivered a “message of friendship and hope” to the global elites in Davos.

“My social, political, economic view is one of prudent moderation,” Rouhani declared. “Iran-U.S. relations have entered a new phase.”

Other leaders attending and speaking at the event come from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, South Korea and Britain.

Although President Obama is not attending, several Obama administration officials will be there. Plus, former Democratic Vice President Al Gore is a featured speaker on “climate change.”

Huffington’s World Post figures to be an international version of The Huffington Post, which regards new sanctions on Iran as an unseemly rush to “war.” It vigorously supports Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, which is also backed by China and Russia.

According to his biography, World Post editor Gardels was executive director of the Institute for National Strategy where he conducted policy research at the USA-Canada Institute in Moscow before the end of the Cold War, and also at the People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. The USA-Canada Institute in Moscow was a Soviet Communist Party-run organization “created solely to serve Soviet intelligence organizations and needs,” the Heritage Foundation noted in a 1982 study.

The pro-communist tone of The World Post is unmistakable: “Even many liberals in China today doubt whether one-person-one-vote multiparty democracy is the best way to govern a society as large and complex as China,” Gardels writes.

According to these “liberals,” he adds, “…the [Chinese] Communist Party, afflicted as it may be with corruption and princeling privilege, is not a dictatorship. For them it is a 78 million strong consensus-forming body that arrives at agreement on long-term policies and then grants the collective leadership the power to decisively implement them.”

“To become truly global in their outlook, the Davos elites must widen their view to take into account the path set by China’s leaders,” his article advises.

The launch of Huffington’s new publication featured Chrystia Freeland speaking “on the growing backlash against the world’s super-rich,” and the publication of her article for The World Post headlined, “Thanks to Pope Francis, Revolt Against the Global Super-Rich Is Underway.”

Yet the super-rich are running this show and financing The World Post.

In his special message to the group, Pope Francis “called on the world’s business and political leaders to use determination and far-sightedness in their efforts to promote inclusiveness and rid the world of social exclusion,” according to a press release. “I ask you to ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it,” the pope said in his official remarks.

The message was read by Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who played a role in formulating a Vatican document calling for the creation of a “central world bank.”

The Vatican had previously called for a “world political authority” to be created.

Echoing a Democratic Party 2014 political campaign theme, in order to divert attention away from government failures on health care and jobs, a press release said the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2014 report “finds income disparity the most likely risk to cause an impact on a global scale in the next decade.”

Translated into ordinary language, this means more “redistribution of the wealth,” this time on a global scale. Make way for the transition from capitalism to socialism.

The Pope meets with Obama in March for what the White House calls a discussion on “their shared commitment to fighting poverty and growing inequality.”

In addition to Arianna Huffington, whose official titles include chair, president, and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, other media figures at the World Economic Forum include:

  • Fareed Zakaria, CNN
  • Ali Velshi, Al Jazeera America
  • Stephanie Ruhle, Bloomberg Television
  • Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business Network
  • Gerard Baker, The Wall Street Journal

Despite the presence of these Big Media personalities, it is doubtful that the details surrounding the rather explicit push for global government at Davos will be reported to the American people and exposed for what it is.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


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