Help Jim Simpson Publish a Book that Exposes the Left

By: Terresa Monroe

We are still fundraising to help my friend Jim Simpson publish his upcoming book: “ZERO HOUR: Manufactured Crisis, Vote Theft, Strategic Corruption and the Purposeful Destruction of America, Who’s Behind It, and What Must Be Done to Stop Them NOW.” This book promises to blow the lid off the battle plans of the Leftists and drag Progressives, Marxists and Communists into the revealing light of day.

The circle of those out there who research the truth behind the Left is a small one. Jim is one of those warriors who has been working on these issues for decades. He has exposed more on Cloward and Piven and Agenda 21 out there than anyone I know and he has never coveted the limelight for himself. It is difficult to ask others for money when times are so tough out there, but he is a fellow warrior and he needs your help to keep fighting. None of us doing this incredibly important research have monied backers. Many, many long hours are spent researching and writing. Like Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, Arlen Williams and myself, Jim has basically sacrificed his normal life for this endeavor. He’s given everything to be a patriot and it has cost him dearly. We are in the fight of our lives… this is our time, we must win or go down swinging.

Every dollar counts, so please give whatever you can to Jim. He is in the midst of writing the book, but must keep afloat as he does so. Donate here now if you can.

Jim Simpson

From James Simpson:

Hi folks:

My name is Jim Simpson and I am gravely concerned about our country. I think you know what I mean. We all go about our business as we always have. But when we look around, we know something is wrong. And it is. National debt is soaring, there are 47 million on food stamps and the economy is going nowhere. The international situation is grim too. We gave away Iraq, are losing Afghanistan, and the Middle East is in chaos as a direct result of our policies. President Obama and the hard Left have deliberately created multiple crises that threaten to destroy our country.

I am writing a book that will expose everything they are doing. It is called “ZERO HOUR: Manufactured Crisis, Vote Theft, Strategic Corruption and the Purposeful Destruction of America, Who’s Behind It, and What Must Be Done to Stop Them NOW.”

This book contains critical information. I have been studying these issues for over 25 years. I worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget under Reagan, Bush and Clinton. I know what is going on. You can read my articles at American Thinker, Breitbart, Examiner, WorldNetDaily and many others.

I know it’s hard to believe, but there are actually people working to destroy our great nation from within for their own personal gain. They are committing the grandest heist history has ever known – stealing our country right before our eyes.

I come to you not as a republican or a democrat, not as a conservative or a liberal, but as a fellow American, gravely concerned about our future on this earth. If they succeed, the consequences will be catastrophic for us right now – forget about our children and future generations, they won’t have a chance.

I have a publisher, but the manuscript is due February 1st. I have completely depleted my savings working on this and must now find some other way to pay living expenses while I complete the manuscript.

If I am to finish it, I need to raise $10,000 within the next three weeks to pay bills and carry my family through while I work.

Can you please help? If enough people learn the truth we may actually have a chance to turn this ship around. Please help me tell the world. Thank you.

Make a contribution now. Thank you!


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