US “Allies” Turn to Moscow?

If you work on the basis, as I do, that Barack Obama is pro-Moscow (mentors like communist  Frank Marshall Davis and Soviet agent of influence Alice Palmer) this makes perfect sense.


From Israel’s Arutz Sheva:

Russian President Vladimir Putin called King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Sunday, according to Al Arabiya. The overture hints that Saudi Arabia, like Egypt, is poised to shift alliances from the US to Russia.

The two leaders discussed ties between the two countries as well as regional issues such as the Syrian conflict and Iranian nuclear talks. Russian officials told AFP that the two leaders “expressed a mutual interest in furthering cooperation and maintaining contacts at various levels.”

The overtures between Russia and Saudi Arabia mirror recent announcements of cooperation between Russia and Egypt. The rapprochement between those two nations is anticipated to be sealed in a $15 billion arms deal largely funded by Saudi Arabia.

Analyst and attorney Mark Langfan in August predicted that US President Barack Obama had lost American ties with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and that the Saudis, in distancing themselves from Obama, would turn towards Russia.

Langfan furthermore predicted America’s loss of naval support from Egypt, saying the country would also turn to Russia following a partial suspension of US military aid.

Indeed the Russian replacement of America in terms of cooperation with Egypt and regional influence in general appears to be coming to fruition, as America began withdrawing warships from the Middle East last Friday, less than a week after Russia sent its most powerful warships to the Mediterranean.

The United States of America is being increasingly isolated from its allies in Europe and Asia.

If Obama was a paid up Russian agent, what would he be doing differently than he is today?


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7 thoughts on “US “Allies” Turn to Moscow?

  1. Almost all Republican websites commentators strongly critisized any (even extremely limited) military intervention of the USA in Syria. They should now realize that this supposedly reasonable withdrawal has been received by the main US allies in the Middle East as a sign of retreat and impotence. Looking for military support of the regional nuclear superpower they have found Putin’s Russia as an active and credible partner. Politics is about making difficult decisions and all of them bear geopolitical consequences. It’s no use crying now over spilt milk. This time both Democrats and Republicans decided to play into Putin’s hands.

    1. /Politics is about making difficult decisions and all of them bear geopolitical consequences./ – sure.

      /This time both Democrats and Republicans decided to play into Putin’s hands./ – some observers would call that surrender. a conditional one yet.

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