Socialist Leader: Obamacare Will Fail – “Single Payer” Comes Next

A senior member of Democratic Socialists of America, the US’ largest Marxist group and the driving force behind Obamacare and the “single payer/socialized healthcare movement,” predicts that Obamacare will fail and will be replaced by a fully socialist system.

Gerald Friedman
Gerald Friedman

Gerald Friedman was a Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He writes on economic history, labor history and alternative economic theories.

Writing in DSA’s Democratic Left, October 2013, “A Century and Counting: The Campaign for National Health Insurance,” Friedman claimed that the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, was doomed, but would pave the way for what was planned all along – “single payer” socialized healthcare.

After a century of struggle, the ACA commits the United States to providing universal access to health care. This is a great achievement, one to be treasured and nurtured. Now the real fight begins, to turn this commitment into a reality that the ACA itself cannot produce. Barack Obama was right the first time: only a single-payer program can provide universal coverage, and only a single-payer program can control costs. The ACA may be the last bad idea that Americans try; after it fails, we will finally do the right thing: single-payer health insurance.

Obamacare was brought to you by DSAers such as John McDonough and Quentin Young and by Young’s protege, Barack Obama.

DSA’s next step is to deliver you fully socialized healthcare out of the wreckage of Obamacare.


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25 thoughts on “Socialist Leader: Obamacare Will Fail – “Single Payer” Comes Next

  1. Mine is a lonely voice from the state of Hawaii that speaks out about Barack Obama and his evil plans for the United States of America. However, make no mistake, others here do see through many of his lies and deceit. Obamacare? I would say over my dead body, but then Obama’s minions would probably take me up on the challenge!

    1. I understand what you’re saying. 🙂 yes, we should have access to good bealth care, but at the same time take responsibility for our health. I wish I had good answers, but I don’t. Selfishness on both sides (and apathy) brought us to this messy place. Have a great day!

    2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with everyone having good healthcare.. It could have easily happened by putting anyone without healthcare or who cannot afford it on medicare….leave everything else as is! At the very least it would have saved a few million in website design!

    3. It’s not healthcare. It’s a tax.

      Like any tax, the cost of services will go up (do taxes decrease the cost of goods?). And the quality of healthcare will go down. And there will be more uninsured than ever before. Most will be without any healthcare but still required to pay the tax (due to the nominal level of insurance provided it will be basically the equivalent to no insurance). Ironically, this same money could have been used for incredibly decent health insurance on the old system prior to Obominationcare.

      Be clear about one thing, we had great health care in this country. People came from all over the world to use our health care. The problem was rising costs. Important to identify the correct problem. Why were costs escalating? Medical malpractice insurance compromises at least 50% of your medical bill. Tort reform is the more logical solution.

    1. Bittman. Communists always count on the stupidity of the masses and the propaganda that will be delivered to them.

    2. Because there is a good portion of the sheelple, er I mean people out there who have been Dumbed down so much that they are too stupid to remember the meaning of the saying “Fool me once Shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me” It’s “Baaaaaa, Baaaaaaa, Baaaaa” for them. Hopefully the intelligent people out there will get their asses in gear and NOT allow anymore of this crap from these former Hippie Junkies turned Tenured Professors and Politicians, and their “proteges”

  2. Obamacare was never meant to succeed. But it is working as intended, which is to say it was always intended to be an EPIC failure, then the Marxists will of course as is the case with all government failure, propose even more government control via single payer health care as the only solution.

    We have gone from nudge to push, next step shoot. America the Republic is gone, we are in the hands of an evil wannabe dictator.

    1. Yes Yes Yes.
      Arms locked in Solidarity.
      Boots on the Ground.
      Be wise. Be Vigilant. Be ready to take ’em out.
      Charge All These Criminal Bozos in the White Castle of Corruption with Treason.
      Find Them Guilty As Charged.
      Hang Them By Their Necks Until They Are Dead.

      1. RIGHT ON, breachborn!! Are you fantasizing, or do you think there’s hope to give the devil-worshipping, communist traitors what you suggest?, which is exactly what they deserve! Who’s using who? We know that our enemies include New World Order, communists, fascists, regressives (their name “progressive” for themselves is absurd, as they want to regress every good thing, and “progress” to hell on earth.), socialists, islam, useful idiots (majority are probably handout seekers), and every other perverted thing that defiles the earth. Islamists think they’re using the other leftist perverts and everyone else to take over the world. NWO (illuminati, free masons, bilderburgs, CFR, club of rome, rothchild’s, etc) probably think they’re using islamists, other perverts, and everyone else to build their next tower of babel devil-worship (which God will tear down, as He tore the first one down; maybe that’s when Jesus will come to tear that down and every other evil thing down PERMANENTLY, AT LAST. As Jesus said, “Occupy until I come.”, which to me, means we have to keep fighting these crud with human means and prayer, until Jesus finally sweeps all the sub-insects [posing as humans] out of our house!)

        1. Maybe you should get to know your Jesus.He was a socialist and the roots of your Christianity were firmly planted in a communal society.His biggest problems were with the greed of the wealthy and the hypocracy of the religious.Mix it all together and one has the atmosphere of a Tea Party rally.

          1. Jesus was no socialist or communist, period. The religious left distorts scripture to no end & it’s really pathetic.

            America’s founders being Christian men understood the scripture & based our capitalist nation upon it’s tenants in the outline of ancient Israel & as well as those of capitalist Rome (when it was governed in a Christian template & followed it’s constitution) prior to it’s collectivist fall..

            Caesar wanted to be worshiped with his all powerful state. Jesus made clear when he said, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”, that if the state ever desired to take God’s place, it is the Church’s obligation to defy it.

            It is also clear when Paul tell us,“If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat”, he is saying that the able-bodied shouldn’t look to others, including the state, to put food on our table. It is the opposite from Marx “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs” creed.

            Here’s some literature that will further debunk the ridiculous notion that Jesus was an early Marxian hybrid.



          2. This is 1000% incorrect. Christianity is about liberty and free will. Man can not be truly free without property ownership. Taxes make that ownership a farce. It is no different than the feudal system. It is not coincidence that socialist and communists must eliminate God from the culture and then enslave their citizens to the government. This is not Christian. This is evil.

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