Editorial: The Teamster and the Trucker

By: Dick Manasseri


On being tied to a union vs championing liberty

The Teamster sits at home, Sunday morning, getting ready for the NFL schedule to unfold.

The independent trucker drives his rig into D.C. to shut it down, to support the veterans who open up their own memorials, yesterday morning, with the help of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Sarah Palin.

The Teamster smiles knowing that his healthcare policy is protected due to special status given to Jimmy Hoffa (pictured, above) and the Teamsters Union, in payback for the election dollars that flood the coffers of the Democratic Party.

The trucker grits his teeth knowing his freedoms are being eroded. His family falls under the individual mandate of Obamacare; against his will, he must either pay higher premiums or a tax to the IRS.

The teamster doesn’t question why his union leadership supports amnesty for illegal immigrants despite its negative impact on American jobs. Somehow, it’s okay for the Teamsters and other unions, like the SEIU, to support the amnesty agenda. After all, amnesty means there will be more votes for the Democratic Party and forced unionization will continue.

The trucker knows the truth about the Communist agenda that dictates policies like amnesty and Obamacare to Big Labor which in turn dictates that these become the policies of the Democratic Party.

The teamster believes that he can depend on the union and the government it pays for. He pays his union dues and cashes his paycheck.

The trucker knows that he needs to take a stand, now, before the dictates of those who would end America become reality with no recourse for his grandchildren. He reaches out to find a new coalition that he can trust to lead the convoy that will not be stopped.

Top photo: Trucker Mark Lyons, an owner operator, with his big rig, El Don.


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2 thoughts on “Editorial: The Teamster and the Trucker

  1. Organized labor (unions) is what communism is – “workers of the world – unite!”; “dictatorship of the proletariat”, etc.
    The labor union movement and the democrat party were both started in the USA by the early communist party in this country, under the direction, guidance, and funding of the mother communist party in the USSR.
    The labor unions are the democrat party’s recruiting and fund raising apparatus and in turn the democrat party acts as labor’s political prostitute. They are part of the same package. Money extorted from the members is funneled exclusively to the democrats.
    The democrat party is an appendage and front organization for the American communist party. One need only to see the democrat party’s platform and compare it with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution to see most of it is word for word. Compare the democrat party platform with the program of the CP-USA and see it is identical. Visit CP-USAs website and see them cheer and applaud everything the democrats do.

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