A Chinese call to end the use of the US dollar as the international reserve currency

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
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“The United States is declining as a nation and as a world power with mostly sighs and shrugs to mark this seismic event. Astonishingly, some people do not appear to realize that the situation is all that serious.” Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs, May/June 2009

“A global economy requires a global currency.” Paul Volcker, Adviser to President Obama

“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built will not be open for too long. We are on the verge of global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller, Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations speech September 1994

Our largest debt holder and one of our greatest enemies is calling for an end to the use of the US dollar as the international reserve currency. Seeing our political and financial weakness deliberately brought on by Marxists within our own government, China is making her move to become the world’s new super power:

China’s official news agency has called for the creation of a “de-Americanised world”, saying the destinies of people should not be left in the hands of a hypocritical nation with a dysfunctional government.

Heaping criticism and caustic ridicule on Washington, the Xinhua news agency called the US a civilian slayer, prisoner torturer and meddler in others’ affairs, and said the ‘Pax Americana’ was a failure on all fronts.


“As US politicians of both political parties are still shuffling back and forth between the White House and the Capitol Hill without striking a viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanised world,” the editorial said.

It asks why the self-declared protector of the world is sowing mayhem in the financial markets by failing to resolve political differences over key economic policy.

“… the cyclical stagnation in Washington for a viable bipartisan solution over a federal budget and an approval for raising debt ceiling has again left many nations’ tremendous dollar assets in jeopardy and the international community highly agonised,” the agency said.


According to US Treasury Department data, China is the biggest foreign owner of US Treasuries at $1.28 trillion as of July. Besides, China also holds close to $3.5 trillion of dollar-denominated assets.

A US debt default and consequent credit downgrade would significantly erode the value of China’s holdings.

As the first step in creating a de-Americanised world, all nations must try to shape an international system that respects the sovereignty of all nations and ensures the US keeps out of the domestic affairs of others, Xinhua said.

“The developing and emerging market economies need to have more say in major international financial institutions including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, so that they could better reflect the transformations of the global economic and political landscape,” the editorial says.

It also called for an end to the use of the US dollar as the international reserve currency, a step that would ensure the international community could maintain a safe distance from the side-effects of domestic political turmoil in the United States.

And so goes the potential decline and fall of the world’s shining city on a hill and the freest nation the world has ever known. If not corrected and soon, a De-Americanized World will morph into a New World Order. That order is likely to be led by the likes of China, Russia and Iran.


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7 thoughts on “A Chinese call to end the use of the US dollar as the international reserve currency

  1. They should Mr mday.. but in my opinion much of Islam,, particularly the more militant factions, are controlled by Russia nd China.

  2. Although Iran is mentioned as a possible heir apparent, the force of ISLAM as a whole was not discussed. It would seem that their growth and determination has grown at a rate that could be in conflict with the others. China, and its huge population would wield great power, while Russia might serve as their more Military co-leader.

    I feel that ISLAM cannot be disregarded concerning cooperation of a truly unified One-World Government based on their commitment to Sharia Law. While it is true that the head count is small, they have shown a great deal of tenacity in determination to take over the world entirely.

    While their sheer numbers might be small in comparison to the China-Russia consortium, they must be given consideration when speaking of world unification.

  3. If the surfers return to California Frank, they’ll be Chinese not American. If we allow China and their Russian and Iranian friends to dominate the world economically, they wont stop there. It’ll make Red Dawn look like a Girl Scout’s picnic.

  4. Bye bye the private Federal Reserve. I suppose the Rothschilds will just convert whats left of their $77 Trillion in dollar based assets to a new currency. What would it matter to them if they lost a few trillion dollars in value. China is a rising Super Power with a Nationalistic psyche. Their Mandarin genetic composition lends itself to a feeling of superiority and entitlement. Oh well. Lets give them what they want. That would be the best thing that happened to the United States since our war of independence.

    A new America would emerge with a money system based on the Constitution. Our natural resources would be exploited and sold overseas to our “friends.” Our Armed Forces would withdraw from their numerous bases around the world. America would proclaim its independence from foreign entanglements once and for all. The EU Countries would have to learn Mandarin instead of English. I can’t wait. Just sitting here imagining what it will be like when America makes televisions again. New Computers being manufactured from Kentucky. iPhones being made in Lincoln. Surfers returning to the beaches of California by the thousands. Oh, please replace the dollar. Give me back my country.

  5. Terresa, you and I have much the same views in regard to the dangers of the NWO and it appears to be unstoppable. Their weapons of choice are economic warfare/ruin, total anarchy in the Middle East, and anarchy spreading worldwide via multiculturalism. Some of my readers have asked me “What is the solution?” I have none.
    I wish that I could feel like I am on the outside looking in, but that would be self deception. The fact of the matter is that I am on the inside, with no way out. The simple reality is that the NWO is indeed gaining control, and irregardless of what our leaders tell us, China and Russia, and multiculturalism are our enemies, and they are gaining absolute control.

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