“The Crisis in American Journalism and the Conservative Response” National Conference

Cliff Kincaid
Cliff Kincaid

The public policy group America’s Survival, Inc. is holding a national conference on “The Crisis in American Journalism and the Conservative Response.” The all-day event, to be held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on August 20, will feature the release of Paul Kengor’s new book, All the Dupes Fit to Print: Journalists Who Have Served as Tools of Communist Propaganda.

Interestingly, the conference is being held on the same day that Al Jazeera America is scheduled to launch its broadcasting operations on U.S. soil. ASI President Kincaid, a conservative journalist who also serves as director of the Accuracy in Media (AIM) Center for Investigative Journalism, has led a national campaign to deny carriage to Al Jazeera in the U.S. media market on the grounds that it is a homeland security threat. He has urged American journalists not to go to work for the Muslim Brotherhood channel.

“Groups exist to monitor and reform higher education in general, and to critique the media, but with this conference, America’s Survival, Inc. begins the process of reforming journalism itself,” stated ASI President Cliff Kincaid. “We intend this to be a multi-year process that will help restore old-fashioned objective reporting as the norm, rather than the exception. We find the growing acceptance of foreign-funded channels such as Al Jazeera and Russia Today to be a sign of journalism’s demise.”

He went on, “Our conference will examine the well-documented liberal bias of the major media, including the vicious smear-oriented ‘journalism’ of such new publications as The Huffington Post. At the same time, we will question the nature of some of the conservative media, especially the relationship that exists between Matt Drudge and Alex Jones. Finally, we will offer the public alternative sources of news and information, with a special emphasis on the development of new media such as our own new television channel on Roku, developed in cooperation with Jerry Kenney and his Kenney Broadcasting.”

Kincaid added, “We believe that Paul Kengor’s book, as well as a volume we are releasing by Tina Trent and Mary Grabar on the state of conservative media and journalism education, will help the media move in new and more positive directions. We believe the answer to media bias is better journalism education and the building of responsible news operations and companies.”

Other speakers and topics will include:


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6 thoughts on ““The Crisis in American Journalism and the Conservative Response” National Conference

  1. By God Trevor if I’d been in the D.C. area for you conference I would’ve shoved a camera in Kincaid’s face and see how he like his ambush trolling journalism tactics turned on him. I would ask him:

    1) How much have the Scaife and other foundations paid him to attack Ron Paul, Rand Paul and other genuine Constitutionalists?

    2) How closely has AIM worked with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama Administration? What emails have been exchanged on the subject of propaganda among conservatives?

    The next conference I see you listed at as a speaker Cliff I’m emailing these questions to your fellow speakers. It’s time to see you sweat under the lights you Cointelpro National Stasi Agency shill bastard. You’re already ignoring documented cases that NSA has been caught spying on people exposing Obama like Doug Hagmann.

    And Trevor, if you think everyone who despises the NSA and anyone willing to work there violating Americans 4th Amendment Rights and doing nothing about it likes much less ‘worships’ Putin, you can go sit on a tack. I’ve been watching @LibertyLynx, @Wikihype, @Streetwiseprof, @StopAgitprop, Naval War College neocon hack Professor John Schindler, Bob Cesca of the dumbocrat site Daily Banter, Chucky mad atheist Johnson, and all the other hacks the NSA and its PR firms have assembled. They ALL push this same bullcrap talking point that NSA critics are all Russian plants, dupes, agents. Gordon Chang admits he has no hard evidence Snowden is a Chinese plant except what his super secret anonymous sources speculate of.

    STOP BEING BOOTLICKERS FOR THE GLOBALISTS THAT NOW RUN THE NSA! We are going to expose you at the next CPAC and shove cameras in your faces you Cointelpro twits!

  2. Kincaid is a bought off hack for the globalists…relentlessly trolling patriots on behalf of Dianne Feinstein and Obama’s NSA??? What the hell Trevor? How many folks around you have been bought off by the real enemies of this country?

  3. CSPAN just started a HERITAGE discussion of the Filibuster rule. In the opening remarks, the guy referred to an article in Mother Jones – jan 9th, about some meeting that included SEIU and others strategerizing about a ‘progressive’ transformation, and one of the TOP items was getting rid of the Filibuster.
    So Filthy Harry did not come up with this just now – it was already in the works.

    here it is:

    Revealed: The Massive New Liberal Plan to Remake American Politics
    A month after President Obama won reelection, America’s most powerful liberal groups met to plan their next moves. Here’s what they talked about.

    —By Andy Kroll
    Wed Jan. 9, 2013 4:06 AM PST

    It was the kind of meeting that conspiratorial conservative bloggers dream about.

    that sure is a heck of a way to begin an article !!!!
    I like that bit about “conspiratorial conservative bloggers”

  4. Trevor, good article on ‘…Crisis in American Journalism…’, but it won’t be national journalist that keep the truth alive, but websites on the Internet reporting what is truly happening.

    There are 2 veterans walking across America, carrying the American flag & passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution to everyone, but the MSM won’t touch the story.


    Hopefully, you or someone can do an article on them cause it’s once again veterans defending our freedoms so I support them.

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