Ted Cruz’s Dad Compares Obama to Castro

The Cruz boys
The Cruz boys

Rafael Cruz, father of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, delivered a fascinating speech at FreedomWorks’ “Free the People” event in Salt Lake City recently.

Having experienced and escaped Castro’s Cuba, the elder Cruz drew comparisons between the island communist regime and the Obama administration.

Cruz/Palin, Cruz/West, Cruz/Paul 2016? Whats it gonna be?


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15 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s Dad Compares Obama to Castro

  1. Nice, Mr. Cruz.

    But you don’t perceive a nano part of Obama’s threat.

    Like Quisling, Obama will use foreign military power to subjugate the United States.

    Obama has been a Comintern mole for his entire adult life to date.
    He now plans, in conspiracy with Putin (another Comintern mole; Obama was elected by pretending to be half-black, which he isn’t, Putin by pretending not to be communist, which he is) Xi Jingping and Kim Jung Un to bring down an EMP attack to lay America prostrate and subject to his conquest and partition. He has clearly signaled that he would cede the American Southwest to Mexico. It’s probable that Alaska would be ceded to the Russian Federation and Hawai’i to China.

    See the following message, sans attachments, to David Feith of the Wall Street Journal:

    David Feith, Anent your article on Park Sang Hak in WSJ 5 July 2013,

    Well done.

    North Korea has put into polar orbit an electromagnetic pulse device
    that, when detonated 300 miles over Omaha, Nebraska, will paralyze the continental United States. This has been done with the aid and
    approval of Putin, the communist Chinese leadership, and the Comintern mole Barack Hussein Obama. Putin, Xi Jingping, and probably Obama have veto power over the actual attack, which Obama would ride out in a bunker hardened against electromagnetic pulse. Obama will use the occasion to invoke dictatorial emergency powers, and to claim allegiance from people who are blind to his key role as an enemy agent in bringing about the attack and sabotaging any countermeasures.

    There is a slim chance that broad knowledge of this scheme in America, North Korea, China and Russia would head it off. If so, global warfare might be forestalled. The EMP attack on the United States would probably signal the instant obliteration of Seoul by about 10,000 heavy North Korean guns, simultaneous with the North’s invasion of South Korea, while China brings military pressure to bear on Taiwan, Russia on Georgia and the Ukraine, and Iran on Israel. The thin veil of civilization donned by the international communist movement (the Comintern) after the Soviet Union’s collapse has been shed in favor of military aggression in league with Islamic jihad.

    Even if exposure of the conspiracy fails to spoil the attack, people
    will at least know what brought it about, and Americans in particular will know better than to rally ‘round Obama in the aftermath.

    I’ve urged for years official American inquiry into Obama, whose
    constitutional ineligibility (by relinquishment of American
    citizenship) is readily verifiable. See my attached letter of 18 June 2013 to Lamar S. Smith with enclosed brief. Smith’s conduct (and that of others of his ilk) calls to mind the words of E. Digby Baltzell, The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, July 6-7, 2013, page C6:

    “The downfall of every civilization comes, not from the moral
    corruption of the common man, but rather from the moral complacency of common men in high places.”

    Sadly, Coast to Coast has not taken up my proposed Sound Off, also
    attached. Please forward it to Park Sang Hak. Perhaps he could convey it to Koreans, both in the North and in the South, in Korean. The South might be interested in knowing that the North has a fifth column at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I’m trying to convey the message to Garry Kasparov. You probably know how to insert it into China, perhaps in Mandarin. (Henry Kissinger claims that everybody in China talks to everyone else, so news spreads there like wildfire.) If, as I suspect, attempts are made to interfere with the distribution of this news, it will only confirm its verisimilitude.

    Please acknowledge receipt of this message and attachments. Do not
    hesitate to ask questions, request elaboration, or otherwise respond. It might be useful for me to chat with a WSJ reporter face to face.

    Out of an abundance of caution and for the sake of thorough and
    objective analysis, try to suspend kneejerk disbelief and keep in mind the question:

    What if he’s right?

    If you wait for the actual flash for corroboration, the consequences
    could be dire for America and humanity in general. An article on a
    wholly different matter in Neue Zuercher Zeitung notes, “Wer zu spaet kommt, den bestraft das Leben.” “Life punishes one who comes too late.”

    Thanks for your attention to the attached and foregoing. Read and heed. Act.

    Best regards, Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

  2. If his father was a citizen of the US at the time of his birth then Ted is eligible. Both parents must be citizens at the time of birth of the candidate to make said candidate eligible!

    1. Gee, how come the “both parents must be US Citizens” didn’t apply to the squatter in the WH now?

  3. I don’t believe Cruz is Eligible—Not a Natural Born Citizen. How about WEST/Paul–Paul/Palin???

    1. You are right, he is not a Natural Born Citizen just like Marco Rubio, another Cuban-American that is suggested to run for president. They are both unqualified to run for the president according to the Constitution. We must follow the Constitution. Ted seems to be a Constitutional conservative & he could be a great help in restoring the US. Ted’s & Marco’s parents have to be born US citizens to be Natural Born.

      1. I do not mean to take away from the message of this video. O is a Marxist bent on destroying the US. A problem is that so many (over 50%) of the people are on some government handout so they will vote to continue their handouts. Another problem is that people still believe the Democratic Party to be the party of their parents youth but the Progressives (Marxists) have taken over the party. The regular Democrat is being used to accomplish Marxist goals set up in the 1960s & even before. Our students are being brain-washed.
        A big discussion about O’s birth & his eligibility is fruitless as he is (I hate to say it) president. He must be held accountable & impeached for all the unConstitutional tasks he has done. I do not see any leaders standing up, taking the lead of the people to get the US back to following the Constitution. I doubt the US will last until another presidential election & if it does I see only Progressives being put in office (I did not say elected).
        Side bar, any Muslem that left the faith must be destoyed, O was a Muslim & supposedly became a Christian but they are not trying to destroy him. So maybe he still is a Muslim. I mention that because the requirement to be a Muslim is Jihad, entire world converted to Islam, entire world under Sharia Law or nonbelievers destroyed.
        A double whammy, Marxist & Muslim both that want the US destroyed.
        WAKE UP

        1. Obama is why having a non- Natural Born Citizen was seen by our founders as a grave situation for a struggling young nation and as we continue to ignore the constitution… our grave as a Nation has been excavated as we continue not enforcing laws and not listening to the logical governing document provided us by our power thinking founders. I love Ted , I used to love Marco…but I cannot and will not vote for either in a race for President or Vice President.

      2. You are both wrong. Check the Constitution Article11, Section 1, 5th paragraph. A natural born citizen is qualified to be president. It says nothing about where their parents were born. Please get your facts straight.

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