America is Under Attack and At War

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media


The NSA leaker is being protected by China and has a home waiting in Russia. Yet, conservative media personalities such as Glenn Beck are saying that he is a hero. They seem to think that the NSA’s terrorist surveillance program has been used by Obama to go after conservatives, in the same way we have seen in the IRS scandal. There is no evidence this is the case.

If there is evidence that Obama is using the NSA terrorist surveillance program to monitor and harass conservatives, where is it? We have that evidence in the IRS scandal, but not here.

The NSA program is designed to follow and monitor foreign terrorists and enemy agents with U.S. connections. It remains to be seen if the program has been used to go after our real enemies, especially the Islamists, but the outrage against the NSA that has followed the revelations of Edward Snowden is mystifying. The NSA, after all, is a spy agency. The NSA is a front-line intelligence agency that monitors electronic communications. One can argue that we need more, not less, surveillance of our enemies operating on American soil. But that side of the argument is missing from the media coverage.

“The Signals Intelligence mission [of the NSA] collects, processes, and disseminates intelligence information from foreign signals for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes and to support military operations,” the NSA’s website says. “This Agency also enables Network Warfare operations to defeat terrorists and their organizations at home and abroad, consistent with U.S. laws and the protection of privacy and civil liberties.”

There is no evidence, despite Snowden’s claims, that these laws were violated. But there is abundant evidence that Snowden violated several laws, including the Espionage Act. Former Ambassador John Bolton told Newsmax TV that Snowden committed treason and an act of war against the U.S.

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said, “Some wallow in the idea that they are being watched, their civil liberties endangered, simply because a handful of electrons they generated were among the vast billions being reviewed in a high-stakes antiterrorism effort. Of course, many are motivated politically or ideologically to oppose robust intelligence-gathering aimed at fending off Islamist terrorism. Criticism from that quarter can be left to lie where it fell.”

His reference to politically- or ideologically-motivated opposition to “robust intelligence-gathering” is what lies behind the NSA “scandal.” It is significant that far-left Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, a recipient of the “Izzy” award, named after leftist journalist-turned Soviet agent I.F. Stone, was Snowden’s mouthpiece. Greenwald, an American who hates the U.S. so much he lives abroad with his homosexual lover, believes Obama has been too accommodating to the “national security state.”

The “leaker” in this case supported Obama, thinking he would reform the intelligence agencies, and gave money to Ron Paul for president. Ron Paul talks like the far-left on foreign policy issues. As a member of Congress, he appeared on Iranian Press TV and Russia Today (RT). He thinks we are to blame for Muslim terrorism.

Equally important, the political left is using this controversy to subvert, or even eliminate, a program that is designed to protect the American people from terrorism.

That’s why you find the George Soros-funded “Free Press” organization now launching a “Stop Spying on Us” campaign. On June 14, various far-left and Muslim groups are holding a press conference and protest “against FBI and NSA spying,” bringing the FBI into the mix of federal agencies that have supposedly gone too far. These groups include the Defending Dissent Foundation, CODEPINK, Washington Peace Center, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, the Institute for Policy Studies and the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Maryland.

CODEPINK is the Marxist group that worked with and promoted CIA defector Philip Agee, an identified Cuban DGI and Soviet KGB agent. It sends people to Cuba on a regular basis.

Some of these groups constitute Obama’s base. Their target, however, is not really Obama but rather the CIA and the FBI. They want to destroy law enforcement and the intelligence community.

If they undermine this NSA program, there can be no doubt the beneficiaries will be terrorists and foreign agents for China and Russia. That helps explain why China is protecting Snowden and Russia wants to give him a home.

America has conducted intelligence operations from the beginning of the republic. Congress created a panel called the Committee of Secret Correspondence on November 29, 1775, with “wide-ranging duties” that included covert operations, devising codes and ciphers, the hiring of secret operatives, the funding of propaganda, and even “the surreptitious opening of private mail,” according to an account of that critical period of time. America has always had enemies, and always will. And some of those enemies operate within the United States but maintain connections abroad.

It is curious that the NSA revelations came at a time when Barack Obama was meeting with China’s new president, Xi Jinping, and was under pressure from the Defense Department and the intelligence community to confront China over its anti-American cyber-attacks. A January 2013 report from the Defense Science Board said the cyber threat “is serious, with potential consequences similar in some ways to the nuclear threat of the Cold War.” A confidential version of the report said more than two dozen of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems have been compromised by Chinese hackers. The evidence indicates that the Chinese stole the plans for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the F-22 combat aircraft, among others.

But rather than insist that Obama confront the Chinese over their thievery, the attention is now turning to our response, which somehow supposedly crosses a line of some sort. And the pressure from “progressives” is now mounting to undercut the agency that is at least partly designed to protect our own people and industries from foreign regimes such as those in Beijing and Moscow.

Former CIA officer Robert Baer said on CNN that officials in Washington, D.C. were looking at the Snowden case as possibly being Chinese espionage against the U.S. This explanation makes complete sense in the context of when, how, and why it occurred at this time. “As a counter intelligence investigation,” he said on CNN, “it would default to that [Snowden as a defector] immediately. The CIA and the FBI look at China as a hostile country. It has an active intelligence program against the United States. It would do anything to get a source, like this young man. Right now I’d be very surprised if they’re not questioning him [about] what he knew.” He went on, “…Honolulu is an important relay station for the National Security Agency. All our spying on China would be filtered through there. What did he know, what didn’t he know? What did he have access to, what did he bring out? I mean, the Chinese would be remiss not talking to him right now.”

Instead, however, almost all of the media attention is now on whether the NSA, not the Chinese regime, has gone too far. The Chinese hackers must be laughing at the U.S.

It is significant that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is quoted by Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) as saying, “We have been in contact with Snowden’s people in terms of the possible advice and support we can give him.”

Who are those people?

The Chinese, the Russians and other adversaries and enemies of the United States have benefitted immensely from the WikiLeaks disclosures, which included classified information about U.S. counter-terrorism efforts. In return, as a show of thanks, the Russians gave Assange a TV show, where he interviewed such figures as Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah, U.S. Marxist professor Noam Chomsky, and Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa. The latter gave Assange asylum in his embassy in London, so he wouldn’t have to face sex crimes charges in Sweden.

Assange had always denied having any personal contact with Bradley Manning, the Army analyst on trial for espionage. But that was a lie. Evidence in the Manning trial demonstrated collusion between them and also disclosed that WikiLeaks material was found in the possession of Osama bin Laden.

It is telling that Snowden has a creepy backer like Julian Assange. Conservatives defending Snowden should think twice about what they are doing and the real story they are missing.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at


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24 thoughts on “America is Under Attack and At War

  1. When you folks figure out that it isn’t just one department or office of government that’s corrupt and inept, but that all of them are corrupt, from your local town or neighborhood council to your state house and from there, all the way to D.C.? Get back to me will ya?

    Because right now, all you’re arguing about is who gets to be in charge of our current tyranny.

    btw, if you still think The Constitution is still in effect? You need to wake up from that rather pleasant dream and face reality.

  2. Obama may well have done that. But so far there is zero evidence that he has. Greenwald is a hardcore, pro-palestinian anti-American radical posing as an objective journalist. Is this not relevant?

    1. I don’t know.

      Obama is a hardcore, pro-palestinian anti-American radical posing as an objective President.

      Is this not relevant?

  3. The fact that they are specifically not collecting any data from Mosques- tells me this NSA program has nothing to do with actually catching terrorists. It’s how they missed the boston bombers.

  4. It is only natural and logical to expect that 0bama has sicked NSA on his “enemies”. If he’s “asked” the IRS to do so, why on earth not other agencies as well. If he’s an entitled, abusive Alinskyite, does it make any sense that his ends justify the means mentality would somehow stop at only abusing the power of the IRS?

  5. Everything you said in your article has a lot of merit- and we must be concerned. However, I have to question whether the gathering of this security information is genuinely aimed at targeting terrorists, or is in fact, a way of monitoring every American citizen. And the basis of my skepticism is that according to an article, which was cited by today, since October ,2011, mosques have been declared by the administration to be off-limits for the surveillance of private communications. Seriously????? The only way the feds can look at these private communications is by obtaining high-level approval from a special oversight body at the Justice Department dubbed the Sensitive Operations Review Committee. Who are these people, and what do they base their approval on? You have to excuse my skepticism, but I live in Boston- a lot of good all of this surveillance did us!!!

  6. All of the phone companies keep the meta-data. It is how they bill you and it can be looked at by law enforcement with a warrant. They only keep it for a few months because it is too cumbersome to archive. The NSA archives it so if there is a need and a warrant it can be looked at years after it would have been deleted by the phone companies. So if you fear NSA why don’t you fear the phone companies? What you should fear is the illegal use of data such as Obama did with the IRS records. Find and prosecute anyone who abuses the data and breaks the law. But don’t emasculate (more then we already have) our national defense and ability to gather information that will expose those who would harm us.

    1. Exactly, GWTW. Remember when Clinton gutted/neutered the CIA over some concocted allegation (manufactured crisis)? Then gave nuclear technical know-how to N. Korea? And allowed secrets to be stolen and smuggled out by the “Chinese-Americans” on hard drives? Who knows what else…?

      This is just another ‘manufactured crisis’ carefully designed and timed to outrage the American public and give Comrade Obama (or whatever his name is) a seemingly legitimate reason to gut the NSA, to the delight of the Communists and their convenient, but temporary allies, the Jihadists.

      Don’t be fooled by this latest, “MANUFACTURED CRISIS”.
      Phone Companies have ALWAYS kept records.
      ISPs have ALWAYS kept records.
      The NSA is simply archiving them for a longer period of time. A very useful crime fighting, spy exposing tool.
      There’s NOTHING illegal about it. (~Supreme Court decision on third party records)

  7. Trevor Loudon ~ your theory would hold water except for one glaring detail you are choosing to leave out of your hypothesis. All of the training manuals and training itself by our intelligence community & military is NOW being stripped of the mention that young Muslim men are to be considered as probably terror threats so we don’t hurt their feelings. You explain THAT and then maybe your theory holds water, but, there is no excuse for that and because that IS happening, the only conclusion is opposite of what you are saying. But, just for argument sake, lets’ say the guy is a plant, does that make what he said any less true? I’m just asking? Bottom line is: we need to connect the dots, yes, but which dots are we connecting? You eliminate the Muslim dots and what do you have left?

  8. and look you want an email address you and everyone in this country need to re-evaluate who the terrorist are they are domestic and out of the UK they are Bankers and the Elite this is not some country trying to terrorize the US it is the US using terror tactics to demolish our Constitution and it can be brought to all american s attention if the media PROGRAMMING would stand up for this country and report all that is really going on I do not have to tell you for you already know but to be a patriot will get you arrested or killed under the Patriot act you see how they do things right out in plain sight it makes it easy for them to smoke screen and deny most of it seriously you know 9/11 sandy hook boston and I even believe both hurricanes that crippled New Orleans and New York were HAARP driven (this I can not prove but has been used to do such things in the Vietnam war such as causing monsoons with planes but nickoli tesla’s Haarp system is now up and running even have a portable outside Korea) but all this gathering of info is not to stop terrorist for they are the one’s behind these false flags look up project north wood during the Cuban crisis it is a de classified US document of imposing terror on the US by the US government to further an agenda Invading Cuba with the backing of the US population for we were against it back then just like we needed a reason to go engage Iraq further this was attacks with planes bombs and mass murder by the US on its own people though back then they never went through with this top secret operation but with all that has been going on they are in fact using terror to scare the US into giving up their guns their rights and what millions have died to up hold and create here in the US it is time American’s start to look out side the box of their local PROGRAMMING for that is what it is and just like the Patriot act they out right call it that programming I assure you Boston 9/11 and sandy Hook were staged false flags and you can look all this up and make your own decision for I never in my wildest dreams would believe the country I love and hold so dear has been infiltrated by those who want to see it turned into a Marx’s ran government soon to be followed by a NWO Henry Kissinger is straight to the point on this issue as he teams up with the Rockefeller s the Rothschild goldman sac’s and many others mostly the 1% of the worlds power and wealth it is time to wake up America and the UK and stop playing right into their hand this is not an ok well we will go along with it they see the common man as a strain on their dwindling natural resources and for those of you who have no idea of who and what I am talking about u need to do some internet searching before that too is limited and those who have a tv provider you have a remote control tv that you can rewind hit play then hit the PAUSE button to watch these false flag event news flashes in slow motion just the way I told you above rewind to where you want to watch from then hit fast forward then PAUSE then fast forward one time and it will play in slow motion then you can see how fake it all is Boston is one of the best to see the false flag actors in but when your local PROGRAMMING shows it it is so fast and so short it sends chills up you spine and makes you think them poor people and or children you can find all this info on the web and sandy hook looks like a movie set from the helicopter coverage but that is just what I find so convincing but there is plenty more and you have had 10 plus yr to check out 9/11 and how bad they messed up that false flag G W Bush even slips in an interview about Boston and say I thought it was another conspiracy like 9/11 and then stops himself after hearing what he said you can find that too here on the web and studies of how much natural resources we actually have left and how many must die to preserve these and this was signed by all US presidents since Clinton called Agenda 21 via the UN these people do not care about you and I they are greedy power tripping control freaks please if any thing at least look for the truth your self thanks if you took the time to read this and here is a bonus on youtube there is a book called behold a pale horse it is an audio book read by the author William cooper and ex naval intelligence officer and I know I did not touch on chem trail and what that is all about but you have the internet that shit is a pre courser into a world famine and food control not to mention the shit is freaking poison in the air to all of us

  9. IF the NSA leaker is to be charged with treason and espionage for telling the american people that their fourth amendment rights are being violated under the guise of finding terrorists, what shall the government that is violating that right to be charged with?

    What punishment is fitting of a government that oversteps its authority time and time again?

    It’s believed that this flagrant violation of the fourth amendment, coupled with other abuses has nothing to do with terrorists but everything to do with anyone seeking to stop the Obama warlords and his communist and socialist backers from destroying the United States.

    The NSA does ONLY domestic investigations and the CIA does foreigh, so how can it be claimed that disclosing this is aiding the enemy, unless that enemy is the American people?!

    1. It is amazing the misinformation bellowing out on Snowden’s so-called revelations.
      The NSA does not target, monitor, intercept, record or listen to any electronic communications of US citizens or anyone inside the US.
      The CIA and the NSA have different capabilities, different trade craft, and different missions, but both agencies operate solely against foreign entities outside the US.

      1. No, they don’t target, they just blanket eavesdrop, on all calls and data, from incoming American communications to outgoing American communications to communications inside America. Equal opportunity eavesdropping. They call it metadata. They can paint a picture of you in an instant.

        You need to do more research.

  10. I was getting confused over this issue since many Republicans like King, Hume , Bolton , whom I trust have hammered Snowden. Thank you for straightening this out in my mind. So Snowden is a bad man trying to harm the agencies that we do need ? So is Snowden leaking this at the behest of Obama and the left , a false flag incident or something ? The head games under Obama are getting old.

    1. Julie, go with your first instinct. Just because this article is leaning toward protecting a corrupt government, doesn’t mean the author is correct.

      If Snowden’s report were an isolated incident, the author’s opinion might be believable. However, consider the fact that the federal government is arming the IRS (!!!) and has recently stockpiled so much ammunition for use on American soil that they possess 6 rounds for every man, woman and child while they’re trying to disarm Americans. And that they’ve used the media for their scare tactics – trying to rally good (yet naive) citizens against law abiding citizens who legally own guns. It is the government that is causing civil unrest. And it is that same government that will lock you and your family up into FEMA camps “for your own protection” when THEY create the next crisis.

      COMMON SENSE is what every American needs right now. Stop reading other people’s opinions. Analyze current events against history and make your own informed decisions.

  11. Spying on American citizens is wrong! Get a warrant but you need reasonable proof before hand! We have seen what absolute power does with Obama and his corrupt crooks going after innocent American’s! Why would anyone ever trust Government again especially with such broad sweeping spying authority? The late Andrew Breitbart would not agree with this piece I would bet my life on it!

    Edward Snowden is a hero in my opinion. He hasn’t put anyone’s life in danger or revealed any sensitive data that would cause the USA to be in danger from anyone other than its own citizens. If Snowden didn’t come forward who would have? This man is a real patriot for sacrificing himself to expose the truth!

    There should be outrage but the Sheeple continue to sleep. I fear we are surrounded and possibly outnumbered by a combination of both braindead people and people that just don’t give a damn. The greatest country in the world? I am not so sure anymore. Snowden cares more about us than our Rulers do that’s for sure!

  12. All that needs to be said here are two things. Bill of Rights – 4th Amendment.

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,…

    The police can not search someone’s person (body), house, papers, or effects (other things) without having a good reason. They can not take any thing from someone without a good reason.

    Of course, the question always is, “What is a good reason?”

    Unreasonable searches and seizures are those that are without cause, actually without probable cause.

    Probable cause means that the police have a good reason to believe that someone has broken the law.

    The police can not do anything until they convince a judge that they have probable cause, and then they can get a warrant which gives them permission to search.

    …and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    After the police convince a judge that a crime has been committed, a warrant is issued. The search warrant must say what is to be searched (house, car, person), when it is to be searched, what they expect to find, and the warrant must be signed by the judge.

    Many cases are dismissed in court because someone is arrested for having something that was not listed on a search warrant.

    This amendment is the reason for police always asking permission to come in your home or to search your car.

    The police can arrest someone without a warrant when there are special circumstances.

    If they are chasing someone from the scene of a crime, or if they catch someone in the act of a crime, they don’t have time to go talk to a judge and then come back to get you. After they arrest a person they must then convince the judge that they had “probable cause” to arrest them.

  13. I have to say that the idea of him being a patriot is one that I am more enticed by. It truly feeds on that which I have to admit may only be a fear. That all being said, why is the NSA such an intrusive element.

    I served the US in the submarine force, so I am aware of security and national security, but the NSA is forming into a very believable enemy.

    Patriot or Trader? Well, after Verizon and so many other intrusions, he is a Patriot. I suppose Assange maybe different, but we are a people and our government is to be servants. The NSA is an infection to the organism, but more aptly it is a symptom of a far worse condition.

    More interesting to me is the sides that are being drawn.

    1. and look you want an email address you and everyone in this country need to re-evaluate who the terrorist are they are domestic and out of the UK they are Bankers and the Elite this is not some country trying to terrorize the US it is the US using terror tactics to demolish our Constitution and it can be brought to all americans attention if the media PROGRAMMING would stand up for this country and report all that is really going on I do not have to tell you for you already know but to be a patriot will get you arrested or killed under the Patriot act you see how they do things right out in plain sight it makes it easy for them to smoke screen and deny most of it seriously you know 9/11 sandy hook boston and I even believe both hurricanes that crippled New Orleans and New York were HAARP driven (this I can not prove but has been used to do such things in the Vietnam war

      1. This is to; for Love of god and country,…
        there are only about two main groups I can think of trying to actually destroy the Constitution and ability of the U.S. through it’s lower agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. etc. )to fight terrorism and all attacks domestic and foreign… Those groups are ALL Islamist and Leftist (communist and socialist)…

    2. Nice post. My question is what is he a traitor to… Americans, “We the People” or a big, fat, bloated, overreaching government that has granted itself far more power than it was ever intended. they have perverted something that was once grand and honorable.
      I second, “Patriot,” and disregard traitor, at least to his fellow Americans.

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