4 thoughts on “Bongino: “No Such Thing as Gun Control…It’s People Control”

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  2. Most gun violence (and crime) occurs in areas that vote for Democrats.

    Even though most Democrats are not criminals — Most criminals are Democrats.

    93% of all felonies including murders and violent assaults are committed by self-identified Democrats.

    Criminals want to disarm law-abiding citizens — so they can’t defend themselves.

    This is why Democrats have long agitated for felons to enjoy full voting rights.

    According to statistics: Areas with more legally owned guns = Less Crime.

    The USA map of the Obama/Romney voting patterns is strongly correlated with the FBI map of gun violence.

    If we want to stop gun violence: “BAN DEMOCRATS FROM OWNING GUNS”


  3. I swear, this administration so completely pisses me off that I can’t even articulate how angry I am. So I let my middle finger (raised high) do my talking for me!

  4. The muslim in the oval office will not even salute our Flag ?????? We cannot endure 4 more years of this puppets handlers constantly trying to destroy our Country. Look at the jihadist he has appointed, at the Communist that surround him. Impeachment is the answer or try him as a traitor & incarcerate him for life !

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