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Chicago based activist, Tim Yeager, serves as Chairperson of the Religion Commission of the Communist Party USA, the body charged with organizing the Party’s work and propaganda, inside the country’s religious communities. Other members of the Party’s Religious Commission include Northern California Catholic activist Hank Millstein, Chicago educationalist Pat Flagg and former Baltimore hospital chaplain and convicted student loan fraudster, Rev. Pierre L. Williams.

A union lawyer in his day job, Yeager serves on the Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns and the Advocacy Center of The Episcopal Church in Illinois.

Tim Yeager is a member of Grace Church in Oak Park, Illinois, where he serves as assistant organist. He is the Chair of the Peace & Justice Committee of the Diocese of Chicago.

Yeager is the Financial Secretary/Treasurer of the National Organization of Legal Services Workers, United Autoworkers Local Union 2320, which represents nearly 4,000 lawyers, support staff, social workers and other employees working in legal and human services agencies across the country.

“Jesus called upon his people to be bold for justice,” Yeager told the Communist party’s People’s World. “He says the same thing that Karl Marx says at the end of the Communist Manifesto: fear not, stand up, move into this new era, be free, you have nothing to lose but your chains.”



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  1. The above recording seems to have 2 rdcoreings over lap? Is it an error at your end? or mine? It’s the one with Carolyn Boroden and Neil Yeager.Thank you!phone 515-223-1242

  2. I think you mean ‘The National Organization of Legal Services Workers 2320,’ and not the “United Autoworkers Local Union 2320”

    Either way, Yeager is a piece of dirt!

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