Weekly Featured Profile – Kyrsten Sinema

By: Trevor Loudon

Kyrsten Sinema is the recently elected Representative for Arizona’s newly created congressional District 9.

While portraying herself as a modern liberal Democrat, Sinema’s background is actually with the extreme Left.

Sinema has had past close ties to the Arizona Communist Party, one of the most vigorous remaining branches of the Communist Party USA.

In the early 2000s, before her Arizona state political career took off, Sinema was so close to the Party that she signed one of its annual May Day pledge pages. This is an honor reserved for party members or very close party allies.

Kyrsten Sinema was a signatory to an advertisement: “May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings,” placed in the Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World, May 4, 2002. Such ads were traditionally placed in the Communist Party paper every May Day, sponsored by local Party clubs, members or supporters.

Zoomed in selection of Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World, May 4, 2002, May Day and Cinco de Mayo Greetings (click here for the full page)

Arizona’s progressive community extends May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings to all our friends across the country. We commit ourselves to resist the Bush Administration’s drive for ever increasing military spending and a neverending state of war. We must redouble our efforts to build a people’s coalition that will drive the ultra right out of Congress next November.

Co-signing the advertisement with Sinema were Arizona Communist Party members Joe Bernick, Jack Blawis, Lem Harris, Lorenzo Torrez, Anita Torrez, Carolyn Trowbridge, Steve Valencia, the Tucson and East Valley Clubs of the Communist Party USA and party fronts of the Arizona Peace Council and the Salt of the Earth Labor College.

This support for the communist cause was not a ‘one off’ or an aberration. In 2003, Sinema again put her name to the Arizona Communist Party’s May Day greetings page.

In 2008, Kyrsten Sinema and three other members of the Arizona legislature, Dr. Ted Downing, Ben Miranda and Phil Lopes, joined together to form a “Progressive Caucus” for the House of Representatives of the Arizona State Legislature.

While Sinema has not yet joined the hard Left Congressional Progressive Caucus, (perhaps fearing it might damage her new moderate image), she is certainly there with them in spirit.



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7 thoughts on “Weekly Featured Profile – Kyrsten Sinema

  1. ms. sinema is THE definition of a GREAT AMERICAN! if only more of our representatives were as intelligent and courageous as she is. now the inexorable march to a more just and progressive america is unstoppable, and it is only a matter of time until the reactionary loons are marginalized into extinction.

  2. The self-and-own-culture-loathing fascist Left is as ever comprised of those too damned stupid and/or too damned envious of and greedy for the unearned and undeserved fruits of the lives’ energies of other, better, Men to know and/or care that they’re lied to.

    And also of those too damned evil to not do the lying.

    Thank God for this and other media of instant communication to reduce both the liars’ abilities to labor insidiously — and the efficacy of their lies!

    And for the likes of Mr Loudon!

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