3 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of the White House

  1. This is “old news”, but very important. Of course, in the next four years we will see more and more about the “infiltration of” not only the Muslim Brotherhood, but of the American-Muslim movement. This is the greatest threat to America, and eventually, to the world and to Christianity itself.

    In my book, WHAT IS GOD’S GREAT PLAN? (Kindle and http://www.WhatIsGodsGreatPlan.com)I detail the history of Christianity, and the inevitable struggle between Islam and Christianity – which will climax in a battle between the combined Christian/Israel forces and the Islamic World fifty years from now. A time, when there will be over 100 MILLION MUSLIMS in America helping to not only shape our government and reduce the constitution, and the Christian churches, but in open armed conflict with the Judeo-Christian population which will be reduced to a small minority existing in armed camps throughout America.

    We only have two choices left. One is armed rebellion, the other is a military takeover. As the Liberal forces and Muslim forces combine, both choices seem to grow smaller and smaller, until only withdrawal into armed communities (much like the Lebanon situation) will constitute three separate nations: The “United States of America” – and the others – possibly, the United States of Islam, and a “Liberal America” where everyone is supported by Washington, and carries “666” on their bodies. (Look at the future: MICHIGAN!)

    God help US!

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