Will East Timor Be Lost to the Communists?

New Zealand troops and taxpayer’s money have been employed for several years to build former Portuguese colony, East Timor, into a self supporting independent nation.

I’ve reported here and here, how Cuba has been exploiting our good work, for their own purposes.

Now it appear that China is moving in.

From TV3 News:

The New Zealand Defence Force has pulled out of East Timor, but another country is moving in and looking to exert power – China.

The Chinese have built palaces, supplied navy ships and are even training their crew.

Why has China taken such an interest in one of the poorest nations on earth?

A clean glass of water in East Timor is a luxury. The average wage there is just $1 a day. The river is used for washing, growing food, drinking and the toilet.

But the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the military barracks, and even the local shopping mall are all opulent and are all funded by the Chinese.

Aside from that, the Timorese navy also has two boats built in China, and their crew were trained there. The question remains, what’s behind all the support?

3 News called by the Chinese embassy to try to find out. After a lengthy wait, we were denied an interview.

So 3 News asked the New Zealand ambassador to Timor.

“Yes, they have built those buildings and have helped Timor in a time of need,” says ambassador Tony Fatua. He says there is “possibly” an undertone in it.

It’s a delicate time in Timor’s history. The New Zealand Defence Force has pulled out, and Australian forces are also about to.

All the while, China is increasing its foothold – not just here, but all through the South Pacific.

“In some ways the US and China want the same thing,” says Robert Ayson, professor of strategic studies at Victoria University. “They want to be the preeminent power in this part of the world.

And in Timor at least, it appears China is winning.

Will East Timor, strategically placed on the sea lanes between Australia and Indonesia, fall completely under the control of Beijing and Havana?


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3 thoughts on “Will East Timor Be Lost to the Communists?

  1. Hey, wat is your problem if China wants to donate a shipload of aid to East Timor? There is nothing to stop NZ or Australia from donating aid to East Timor too. I sense some sour grapes and racism from the writer.

    1. The problem is that China does not do those things for nothing. No country donantes without expecting something in return, communist or capitalist.

      Abu in the 60’s, China had a part to play in the story of Sukarno. Sukarno was aligned with communists. He supported the viet cong in Vietnam and established close ties with China. There are different stories on what happened but Sukarno wanted to silence those, I guess that were against him in regards to China and communism so arranged to have some generals he believed were against him to be killed. He missed one of them and that was Suharto who ended up becoming the President with Sukarno out and also the communists.

      Now you ask why China would have an interest in East Timor? Look at the world. When a western country establishes relations with a country, the object is not to take it over (unless you are Obama). The goal of communism has always been and is today, to take over the entire world, that is the end result of communism, world domination, the elimination of religion and total control of all people. That is in their written works, it is no secret.

      A well known communist from America also said communism is the end goal of socialism. If your country becomes socialist, expect communism one day.

      In Australia we are just a stones throw from east Timor. there are over 200 million Indonesians north of us. How safe are we if suddenly China and russian backed Indonesian armed forces take a trip across the water? China has bought a lot of our land, they make money off us in what we import from them which gives them income to increase their armed forces and they are increasing their armed forces, believe me. We have a socialist government which has been decreasing our defence budget for the past few years, our defences are being run down through lack of funding, we are becoming a potential takeover target, that is a fact.

      So Abu, China has an interest in us, world domination is afterall the goal of communism, what better way to work towards the possible taking over of Australia than by setting up a base right next to us?

      Abu we live in a bubble my friend, things can happen fast from one day to the next. America has been infiltrated for years and we are seeing the results of communist infiltration such as the gay issues (Henry Hay – a communist), the feminist movement including abortion (Betty Friedan aka betty goldstein- a communist), others such as Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, the reverend Jim Wallis, Wade rathke. They are all communists and influencing the social fabric of american society. The communist revolution has been happening in America but most americans do not have a clue it has been happening. It has happened incrementally and the goal has been to break down the family and the secret of America’s strength which is their religion.

      In Australia the revolution will come by blood being spilt, but in America, the revolution has been achieved differently, without the normal mass killings so indicative of communism.

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