Pressure Coming From Below

The US left is preparing to get militant.

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Their friend, Barack Obama, is about to get some pressure from below to give him the excuse he needs to do what he wants to do anyway.

Bill Fletcher, Jr. of Democratic Socialists of America, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, founder of Progressives for Obama and a long time Obama supporter, calls for mass action in support of government jobs, housing programs and expanded labor “rights” in 2013.

From In These Times:

Prepare to take mass action as we head toward the so-called fiscal cliff. Forces within organized labor, among others, are already preparing to pressure Congress and the White House to reject reactionary cuts. What I am suggesting goes further. We need to begin organizing marches for jobs and housing in early 2013 in every state capital. These demonstrations must demand that people be put to work and that housing be made available for those who need it.

Demand economic and social justice. Though Obama campaigned in 2008 on behalf of workers, once in office he became far too cautious in speaking out for full economic justice, retreating into the realm of the corporate liberal. Too often, labor unions and others let him off the hook. We must make the expansion of workers’ right to organize part of the national debate. And we must build a state by state movement to implement constitutional changes that expand workers’ rights.

Watch how quickly President Obama buckles to the pressure from the streets.


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6 thoughts on “Pressure Coming From Below

  1. The commies have a mandate to continue the destruction of Amerika apace.Patriots need to counter this in full force, silence is submission.

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