When the Left Cared About Voter Fraud

When the left thought that they were the victims of voter fraud, they were VERY interested in the subject.

In this video, filmed after the controversial 2004 elections, Democratic Socialists of America member and Democrat congressman Jerry Nadler, Congressional Progressive Caucus members and Communist Party USA affiliates Maxine Waters and the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones get a shocking lesson on just how easy electronic voter fraud is.


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4 thoughts on “When the Left Cared About Voter Fraud

  1. These Left Wing Extremists were not interested in exposing the fraud but seemed more interested in being schooled on how to steal future elections as evidenced by the anomalies in the 2012 Presidential election.

  2. Of course they only care about it when they’re losing, when that happens, they want to find every way possible to blame their loss on voter fraud. Then, since they are so convinced that “the other side” is doing it, they then engage in it themselves and subsequently Hail Democracy!

    fkn hypocrites. The only reason Obama won this time around was timely, targeted voter fraud, combined with a massive un-information campaign.

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