Russian Communists Reaffirm Ties to American Comrades

Despite the more apparent than real “collapse of communism,” the Communist Party USA has never given up its ties to the still very influential Russian communist movement.

Russian comrades reaffirmed their commitment to American communism in these greetings sent to last weekend’s CPUSA national convention in Chicago:


In the event of a very possible war been the the United States and Russia (plus China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Vietnam and Islamic terrorists), the Communist Party USA should be regarded – as it always has been – as a treasonous organization loyal to Moscow above all.


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5 thoughts on “Russian Communists Reaffirm Ties to American Comrades

  1. Not at all sure that last claim follows from anything said in the post. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not the ruling party in Moscow, so the support offered hardly indicates any support from “Moscow,” where “Moscow” is understood to be the Russian government, I take it. Furthermore, the fraternal tone of the greeting hardly indicates to my eye any sense of subordination– nothing that would indicate, for instance, that the Communist Party USA is somehow beholden to obey the dictates of the CPRF. Phrases such as “solidarity” and “Joint actions” do not seem to indicate a master-servant relationship, as the claim that the CPUSA is “loyal to Moscow above all” would seem to suggest. So it seems to me that the conclusions being drawn from this communication are wildly unsupported by the evidence offered.

    1. Different name, new play, same actors. The KGB and the same russian oligarchy that controlled the USSR are still in place. Just another move on the grand chessboard.

  2. Let’s connect the dots per Trevor’s research:
    Russian Communist Party–>CPUSA–>DSA–>Big Labor–>DEMS–>Obama
    Isn’t it time to Impeach the Communist Traitor?

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