New Zealand Labour M.P. Darien Fenton Mixes With Marxists

Former Union boss, and current New Zealand Labour Party member of Parliament Darien Fenton has always been on the far left.

However she tipped her hand conclusively in early September when she represented Labour at the annual conference of New Zealand’s most vigorous Marxist organization Socialist Aotearoa.

Fenton addressed the conference’s closing session, calling for” unity on the left to fight the (National led) Government”.

Matt McCarten (UNITE union), Darien Fenton (standing), Joe Carolan (Socialist Aotearoa)

That the supposedly “mainstream” New Zealand Labour Party would openly reach out to revolutionary marxists, shows just how covertly socialist Labour really is.


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3 thoughts on “New Zealand Labour M.P. Darien Fenton Mixes With Marxists

  1. You call Labour party people socialists as if you think we should apologise for this. Proud to be a member of a party of the people rather than a party of the corporate world whose mantra is to rob from the poor to maintain the lifestyles of the wealthy.

  2. Trevor, is that IRA poster ‘THE’ IRA?

    I hope your trip through America is going well? I have been sharing your website with my friends at work. They are speechless about the many things you uncovered!

    Thanks for all you do!

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