7 thoughts on “Obama and Reverend Wright Exposed

  1. OBAM is 3/4 Black and APE and 1/4 white!!!! The blacks have never done anything constructive in their history on Earth–why should OBAMA BS be any different????

  2. Obama is a deceiver, he will be whatever you want him to be for the moment in order to take you in so he can fulfill his agenda of world wide communism. Step by step, pressure here, pressure there, covert when necessary and out in the open when no reason to hide his actions. He is schooled in dividing people in order to pit them against each other to conquer them. Those who believe his words are nothing more to him than useful idiots whom he will throw away when their usefulness is at an end. If he and his comrades are not stopped all of mankind will soon be plunged into a war the magnitude of which has never been seen on the face of this planet. The Republic of the United States of America was the instrument which held at bay the ideology which sought to enslave humans. Now that ideology has taken control of the reins of American government while systematically destroying the moral fabric of the American people. Illegal immigration is a tool by which foreigners are encouraged to flood in in order to overwhelm our economy and help to bring it down. All we have thus far witnessed is only the beginning of our end. If reelected this man and those who support him will complete the destruction of the greatest nation this world has ever seen to this day. There is a future government coming which will be the last one mankind will witness. But until that government is established more than half the population of our planet will perish. War, death, and pestilence are coming and cannot be stopped. It can be held off for a time by those who understand the truth and taking action to prevent it. That action begins with not only the defeat of Obama in November but also voting out all politicians in both houses of Congress who do not legislate by adhering to the United States Constitution. This will only be the beginning of re-establishing our Republic.

  3. Nothing burns me more than the pass Obama got from the media relative to his association with Rev Wright. Any other white politician, Democrat or (and especially) Republican, would have been sent to the scrap heap of political history. In a heart beat. And never to be seen again. Yet he becomes president.

    An American travesty.

  4. Sadly, Obama’s exposure to Pastor Wright was fuel for the fire. Obama is definitely not a Christian! For years, I have concluded that he is an atheist when he speaks to his bosses, the ruling class. He is a Muslim when he speaks to Arabs and is sympathetic to the Muslim religion…It is in his heart. He is a Christian for votes…that’s all. He is a Progressive who lies, cheats, steals, manipulates, orchestrates, etc. to further his “hate” ideology in accordance with the ruling class…Socialism/NWO/One Banking System/Muslims enmass to control the people with Sharia Law.

    He must be getting millions for his destruction of our Constitution and our country….Money talks while BS walks! Who will have the courage to indict all of the traitors at the top who hate America and who want to transform the country without firing a shot…this is High Treason! He does not deserve to go OUT UNSCATHED. He must be prosecuted along with the ruling class and their billions confiscated to pay down the debt. Israel is our best aly and must be supported because this madman is creating a jihad surrounding Israel. God bless America (the new Israel) and God bless Israel (God’s beloved land and people.)

  5. My hasn’t the mainstream press asked Obama, “what did he mean byb his remarks to Medevef re:,,flexibility?”

    Obama has no business anywhaere being President: No back=grond, no expereience and dealing with the kindn serious crisis facing not only the USAn but the world/……
    He’s a great talker, but he know “nothing through experiences.”…..He must make the ultimate after all the advisors, asvse !” Well, “what should I do ?” what a joke

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