The Haymarket Massacre–Chicago, Illinois

By: Dave Logan
Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot

Terresa Monroe Hamilton at NoisyRoom Blog gives you a taste of this year’s May Day. Below is history of the same type of event back in the old days of this movement, Chicago, Illinois. I added pics at the bottom with an assist from Marathon Pundit, Greater ChicagoLand Area.

You must read and understand history. Below is your lesson for this election cycle:

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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Thursday, 03 May 2012

One hundred and twenty six years ago today, on the evening of May 3, 1886, a group of men met in the basement of Greif’s Hall on Lake Street in Chicago. Almost all of them were recent immigrants from Germany, and what brought them together was a hatred they had in common.

They called this hatred by various names – they were “anarchists,” “socialists,” “communists,” “syndicalists,” “revolutionaries” – all code-words for anti-capitalist. They all hated capitalism with a fanatically violent fervor. They all claimed to be champions of “workers,” of employees, people who had jobs – and above all human beings on earth they hated those who provided those jobs, the entrepreneurs who created the companies that made those jobs possible.

One of them was Louis Lingg from Mannheim, who had come to America less than a year before. He had taught himself how to make hand-held bombs containing dynamite (invented by Alfred Nobel in 1867), and at the meeting in Greif’s Hall, he gave one of his bombs to Rudolph Schnaubelt, the brother-in-law of one of the meeting’s organizers, Michael Schwab.

The following evening, May 4, a demonstration was held in support of “workingmen’s rights,” organized by an anarchist-socialist German-language newspaper in Chicago, Arbeiter-Zeitung, and its editor, August Spies from Hesse, Germany. It was at Haymarket Square, at West Randolph and Desplains Streets. It was chilly and drizzly, with some 600 in attendance.

At about 10:30pm, with a speaker calling out “To arms!” and advocating violence, Police Inspector John Bonfield, at the head of a contingent of 60 uniformed policemen, called for the meeting to be over and the crowd to disperse. Rudolph Schnaubelt lit Lingg’s bomb and tossed it into the police. Officer Matthias Degan was killed on the spot, six officers died thereafter, and dozens wounded.

A number of demonstrators then pulled out revolvers and began firing at the police, who returned fire, killing four.

History knows this as The Haymarket Massacre. There were eight arrests, including Spies, Schwab, Lingg, and Schnaubelt. Bombs and bomb materials were found in Lingg’s apartment. Schnaubelt escaped (fleeing to South America, he died in Buenos Aires in 1901). Five of the defendants were sentenced to be hung – but only four were, as Lingg committed suicide by smuggling a blasting cap into his cell, which he lit and put in his mouth. It blew off his lower jaw, and it took hours for him to die in agony.

Lingg, along with the four who were hung, lies buried in Chicago’s Waldheim Cemetery. And now comes the part of this story that may make you ill.

There is a Monument to the Haymarket Martyrs in the Waldheim Cemetery – and it is not in honor of the policemen murdered by the anarcho-communists. It is a monument to the murderers. Not only that, it is a Shrine of the Left’s, a pilgrimage site. The Haymarket Murderers have been turned into heroes. Just like a Palestinian terrorist suicide bomber who murders Israeli children is hailed as a shahid, a martyr (link to pic):

And it gets worse. It is officially designated (by Clinton in 1997) as a National Historical Landmark, stating: “This monument represents the labor movement’s struggle for workers’ rights.” (link to pic):

It is a monument to Communist anarchic murder. Which is why the Communist Party of Illinois calls its website The Spirit of Haymarket. And why May Day – May 1st – is Communism’s “day of international resistance and solidarity against capitalism,” designated as such by the Former Soviet Union, and celebrated by lefties in scores of countries the world over.

May Day was for millennia, especially in Europe, a happy, joyful celebration of life after winter, with dancing around a Maypole and crowning a pretty girl with flowers as Queen of May. Only Communists could take an innocent celebration of springtime and turn it into a day of hate, envy, and beggary.

Only Communists could hijack May Day (May 4th, Haymarket Martyrs Day – close enough to May 1st to hijack), and celebrate terrorist murder instead of life. But that’s what happened, and what happened on May Day this week, with “Occupy” Commies trashing San Francisco, and dozens of other US cities.

May Day is Commie Day. And here is the bottom line, folks. I want you to really pay attention here, to let this sink in to the deepest recesses of your limbic system:

If Zero is reelected in November, every day in America from then on will be Commie Day.

America as we know it will be da svidanya, over, finished, adios, done and dusted. America will be gone. The loss will be irretrievable. Irretrievable.

There is an on-going debate and discussion on this in the Forum. On one side are those who would rather have Zero be elected than Romney.

Their argument is that hell is coming to breakfast in the coming years, for which a RINO like Romney will get blamed, and who does not have what it takes to do more than apply band-aids (such as competing currencies, defaulting on federal debt, wholesale elimination of federal agencies, etc.). Thus in 2016, the horrific economic damage is all Romney’s fault, and Zero or some equally evil Dem will be back in the White House saddle. (Remember that a one-term Zero can always run again.)

So, if we let Zero continue to ruin America, we’ll have a better chance to rescue it four years from now. We’ll have to destroy the village to save it.
Sorry, no sale.

On the other side of this argument is Lynda Mae. I’ll let her own words speak for her:

“Think on these things, TTPers. What Romney would do as President is mere speculation — educated speculation, to be sure, based on his past actions and words. However, we don’t know exactly what he will do, whether he will cut back on governmental departments and government spending or whether he will be afraid to disturb the status quo.

“We don’t know whether Conservatism will have a huge influence on his Administration. It’s the great unknown of any new candidate for the Presidency — what will actually happen once they sit in the Oval Office.

“BUT we DO know what Obama has in store for us. He hates the U.S. He wants to see capitalism and the free enterprise system torn down and replaced with his dictatorial socialism. He wants to see YOU and your businesses not only marginalized but destroyed.

“If anyone thinks that a mess-up of a second term for Obama would mean that a Conservative Republican would be elected in 2016 must think that Obama will not completely and radically change the nation in the next four years, thus making such a change back to sanity possible.

“They must think that after destroying the Constitution, packing the court with Marxists, doing away with our freedom of religion and speech and rights to assemble, giving over U.S. sovereignty to the U.N., depleting our military effectiveness and readiness, rounding up his enemies and giving Holder even more power to race-bait, plus borrowing/spending/stimulating, that Conservatism would still be allowed as a political movement.

“They must think that there would be anyone left to form a government after the national burn-down and war which would ensue when patriots tried to overthrow the dictatorship.

“Hyperbole? Perhaps. Maybe a little too harsh in my opinion? Maybe. But do not think that re-electing Obama will give the nation anything less than a death blow from which recovering would take more years than any TTPer would have left on this earth, no matter his present age.”

I’m with Mae.

Is Skye? Frankly, you want to walk on eggshells when differing with someone whose IQ far exceeds 200. Here’s his advice on the Forum:

“The central government will claim ever increasing powers because words are cheap and the cheapest form of oppression is to make one’s victims believe that the Great Oz is omniscient and omnipotent.

“In reality, there will be ever increasing demands on the central government for resources from many politically powerful players, including recipients of literally hundreds of different types of goodies, entitlements, bailouts, and payoffs – the big brother oppressors have to compete for funding with these other powerful groups. Roman Emperors such as Diocletian found out to their dismay that they couldn’t allocate anywhere near all the available public monies to their goon squads.

“At the same time, the central government’s task of obtaining those resources will inevitably become more and more difficult. The Fed bought 61% of all Treasury Bonds issued last year. As the debt and deficit cans are kicked nearer and nearer to the economic cliff, the cost of either borrowing or printing ‘money’ to feed all those insatiably hungry mouths will increase rapidly.

“The interest on the publicly held National Debt is currently about $220 billion per year – about 10% of all tax receipts. At normal interest rates, it would be about $700-800 billion per year – about 1/3 of all tax receipts. At the interest rates of the late 1970s and early 1980s, it would be about $1,400-1,600 billion per year – about 2/3 of all tax receipts. Does any lender really believe that the US could politically afford to devote over half its income to debt service?

“These realities will, over the next decade, more and more severely limit the resources that the central government spends. If the central government tries to sustain even the current level of spending by printing however much money it takes, it will be game over – for the central government!

“Of course, the central government will do its very best to become more and more oppressive and abusive as it progressively loses its ability to tax, borrow, print, and spend. Those oppressions and abuses will not be equal everywhere, and they will not affect everyone equally.

“The central government will prioritize where it puts its goons and what they do in those areas because – even now – they don’t have enough goons to enforce every law and regulation everywhere all the time. As the central government destroys itself and its resource limitations become more and more imminent and severe, the consequences to decent productive people simply can not be the same everywhere.

“Don’t freak out and give up if ObamaCare BO is re-elected. And don’t buy more than a $10 bottle of cheap champagne if MassCare Romney is elected. Save that money for getting out of Dodge in time. There are always great investment opportunities during chaotic times – if panic or hopelessness doesn’t blind you to them.”

Skye is certainly right that the federalies are neither omniscient nor omnipotent. But it is not their purpose to be. They have no intention whatever of enforcing all their rules on everyone. The purpose of all these tens of thousands of rules and regs is to have one with which to screw you if they so desire, no matter what you do.

So, your choice, if you want to live in Zero’s America, is to hide, obey, not cause the slightest trouble nor draw the slightest negative attention to yourself, nor complain in any way about Zero – or risk being made an example of, with criminal prosecution for not filling out some required form or following some fascist regulation.

I’m not willing to live like that. I am not willing to ride out the Fascist Storm. I am not going to live in a country where every day is Commie Day. The reelection of Zero will be the death of America, and I am too old to wait around for a resurrection that most likely will never come.

We don’t live in Plato’s World of Forms. Marxist lefties and Rothbardian libertarians may dream of a world of perfect freedom however they define it, but such worlds don’t exist. We, all of us, are confined to the real world, as messy and imperfect as it is, for that’s the only one that exists. The choice the real world has now given us is Romney or Zero, for we will end up with one or the other.

With Romney, America has a chance. With Zero, America doesn’t. I’ll take the chance. I want America to survive. And I want this Commie Day last May 1st to be her last.


TTPers – this is just my two cents in this discussion. Please let the Forum discussion continue – and if you differ with me, do not let that inhibit you in the slightest way! Not that you would anyway….


Police Memorial in Haymarket Square–(Hat Tip:John Ruberry)

The Haymarket sculpture wasn’t the first monument to stand in the Randolph Street area. In 1889 the city erected a statue in memory of the policemen killed in the violence of that May night. Unlike the 2004 memorial, there was no mention of the spectators who lost their lives. The statue became a popular location for protests, especially for any group that had problems with the police department or the power structure they represented. In the 1920s a public transit driver rammed the statue with his cable car and the sculpture was moved to a nearby park. By 1956, when the city no longer had any cable cars, the monument was brought back to Randolph Street, which is where I remember seeing it. In the 1970s, the Weather Underground took credit for blowing up the monument – twice. It was moved to the Chicago Police Academy in 1976, and in 2007, relocated to the new headquarters of the Chicago Police Department, where I doubt it will ever be blown up again.


The Haymarket Massacre Monument
Forest Home Cemetery III


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