‘Make Them Pay for Their Crimes’: Hacker Group Anonymous Issues Chilling Warning to Israel Conference


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A horrific diatribe from Anonymous in a hate-filled message for Israel. These are the true terrorists – monsters.

Citizens of the World.
We are Anonymous.

Just a few weeks ago, we declared our crusade against the government of Israel and all supporting counterparts for their involvement in war propaganda, crimes against humanity, and the systematic genocide and expulsion of minorities. Their crimes have resulted in the displacement of Palestinians who did not commit any crime but defend their homelands. Let’s also not forget the U S S Liberty incident where Israel killed 34 American servicemen.

Now, AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee wants to lobby for more wars, more destruction, more deaths than they already have committed and unfortunately, our president has decided to defend them for it.

Our government’s foreign policy has no sovereignty to America. It’s sovereignty is to the state of Israel.

AIPAC is now our enemy.

We’re calling for an occupation of AIPAC and the destruction of their websites. Make them pay for their crimes.

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4 thoughts on “‘Make Them Pay for Their Crimes’: Hacker Group Anonymous Issues Chilling Warning to Israel Conference

  1. These parasites are now making their attacks on websites, particularly social networks, Facebook for instance, of US politicians and candidates. They are foul-mouthed and insidious and have even disrupted and attempted to silence those who are in support of certain candidates. They seem to be organized in the sense of leading one another around but other than that, they have no real weight. But also, their “reality” is not the majority. And while they have no chance of success or becoming a force, I do not think they should be ignored. As a society, I believe we simply must get back to the basics, those unwritten rules to society in which bad behavior is neither ignored, rewarded or tolerated. Hopefully the general election will bring about real change and real hope whereas society becomes responsible for outcome and not government. In simple terms, Barack Hussein Obama must be voted out and Congress given a thorough cleaning.

  2. I daresay that Israel has a few people that can ‘make these hackers’ day’.

    Interpol may be knocking on their doors in the near future.

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