Barack Sings the Blues

While the fat and happy people of the Kingdom of America, prosper and laze all day long, their great leader Barack Obama, sings “Sweet Home Chicago” while Mick Jagger holds the mike, at yet another wonderful White House celebration.

What lucky subjects these Americans are, to have such a melodious master leading their blessed land.


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2 thoughts on “Barack Sings the Blues

  1. Well, for anyone who ever believed at all in the statement “all black folks got rhythm” – if they EVER EVER gave even 1% credence to that statement, this is first-hand evidence! I’d have yelled at him “keep your day job”…but it’d be signing America’s death warrant for sure. It’s easier to buy ear plugs and get him OUT of the White House!

  2. Now that everything is fixed in the country and our diplomacy is top notch, the only thing left to do is to open a Tsingtao and party. It’s good that our fear less leader knows how to unwind after working so very hard to deliver on his promises, being the most transparent administration, and transforming our Great Country into in even a greater nation. In other words – ” Hakkunna Mattatta “, you all.

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