2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Full Speech: New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit 2015

  1. Please ask each Republican Candidate this question:
    Do you support or reject the GOP Establishment plan to allow all or most of the illegal aliens present to have “permanent residency” or “mass legalization?
    You see there is a Chamber of Commerce and GOP Establishment plot to allow them to continue to be here to commit 1.2 Million crimes per year, steal all the jobs since 2000 from Real Americans who are forced onto welfare since they cannot even get an interview for the jobs, steal our education and healthcare dollars, destroy the culture, steal our voting rights, rape our daughters and kill us at an ever increasing rate.
    As far as we know, every one of the presidential hopefuls except 2 DO NOT call this plan amnesty. Amnesty according to the GOP Establishment and their candidates is only when you give citizenship.
    We say baloney. It’s just like Bill Clinton who said,”I did not have sex with that woman.” It apparently depends on how you define sex or amnesty.

  2. TED ROCKS! He is the only Presidential candidate that has not wavered on his opinion on Amnesty! Living in a border state of AZ, this topic is most important to us and we want a strong Conservative who is unequivically NO on Amnesty and Illegal Immigration. Thank you Senator for your passion and compassion for Americans and the Rule of Law.

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