4 thoughts on “Obama – The Anti-Israel President

  1. I would never vote Ron Paul… Simply I couldn’t do that. He is a despicable antisemitic, anti Israeli and pro Islamic guy. I believe with him US will be in a terrible danger.

  2. What was it Obama claimed to love? Oh, yes, wasn’t it the Muslim call-to-prayer? And why did Obama kneel to the Saudi king?

    Obama’s view of the world is not too far from many academic visions — schooled by others indoctrinated into theoretical-Marx/Mao, “confirmed” and “benedicted” by the dulcet, reasonable tones of PBS essayists who were schooled by others indoctrinated into theoretical-Marx/Mao, and surrounded by those who think alike (because if you’re a dissenting conservative voice, you are shunned and derided).

    Although Obama’s education was not that different than the rest of those who were being groomed at Harvard and the like (and remember Harvard was the place that welcomed Lenin and his handful of followers before he came to power), Obama — as far as we can tell from his books about himself (written and published prior to achieving anything significant) and the credible research on what is known about his past — was also a bit of a “red diaper baby.”

    In response to the comment posted above –Yet Ron Paul — saying one moment that there is no proof that Iran is close to having a nuke and the next reversing himself by saying that even if they are, they have a right to it — is singularly unwilling to say that he would help Israel or any other country that came up against a jihadist Islamic leader with an intention to wipe Israel off the face of the planet.

    Bret Baier tried THREE times to present Paul with the opportunity to seriously discuss what he would do IF there was — for Paul — credible intelligence and proof that Iran and its Twelver Leader had or were close to getting a nuke.

    What I find most reprehensible is Paul’s assertion that Bachmann and Santorum hate all Muslims.

    That to me was the moment I found Paul to be loathsome.

  3. Indeed. But while the tenor of this piece is to note the american president’s anti-Semitic nature, what it states as well is that he, like carter long before him, are fuelling revenues for their employers, the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex or the group better known as The Establishment. While this president is openly a tool, like carter, the republican alternatives are merely less obvious as bush gave these death merchants a huge revenue jump with his invasion of Iraq, a venture that led to Afghanistan and other military adventures.

    Unfortunately, the only alternative to The Establishment is Ron Paul, who will be unmercifully degraded and denigrated by both the leftist media and the Establishment Republicans if he shows well and, particularly, if he wins early contests like IOWA.

    The only real choice americans have in this next election is the one they almost took on in the last one: turn out each and every last one of the incumbent politicians, without exception. This same remedy probably needs to be repeated for 12 to 18 years to root out the corporatist tentacles which are strangling the USA, its people, its economy, and its principles. This current president is merely the most recent in a series of employees appointed to that office to do the bidding of the Establishment rather than meet the needs of the american people.

    The last president that was not so appointed or hornswoggled died at the hand of their assassins in 1963. Almost everyone since then has nicely taken their orders and been a good employee, the previous office holder notwithstanding.

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