Arlington Texas Tea Party to Launch Online Newspaper

My friends at the Arlington Texas tea party, are launching an online newspaper to cover their area.

Arlington’s premier, editorially-conservative news website will launch on January 20, 2012.

Check out the trailer. very professional. can’t wait to read it when they go online!

Move over MSM, truth is on the comeback trail.


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21 thoughts on “Arlington Texas Tea Party to Launch Online Newspaper

  1. Great! A more targeted news! I definitely will be putting my tablet to more use. This could be a great way to connect DFW’ers and local issues. Will there be a business section? Polka Dot Wall Stickers is a business I started in 2010 and I would love to connect with other business owners.

  2. This promises to be fair and objective news reporting….something we have NOT seen in Arlington in a very, very long time. Wonderful news!

  3. This is a much needed resource, not to mention a great move on the part of conservatives. Yes, media is a large part of where people’s awareness is raised and their opinions are shaped…but with most media that are called by the name of their respective cities – there is only the slanted reporting. And even worse than that, it is what is LEFT OUT of the reporting that hurts readers the most. I have complete confidence that this source, “Arlington Voice” will bring a voice to the news that the other local news sources conveniently ‘leave out’ of their publications. God Bless all those who are involved and who contribute!

  4. This is what concerned citizens need to do. They need to become the media and watchdogs for their own cities and towns. Internet news is the future. More people are moving to the internet to get their news and information. Arlington Voice will set an example for others to follow. I see a great future for this, and I think that this idea will help save our Country.

  5. Can’t wait for this to launch! Arlington is always skipped over for so many things. We are the 50th largest city in the United States and yet we are not even a choice for many large sites including Monster or Craigslist. It is time for Arlington to get a voice!

  6. This will be a ‘Home Run’ for Arlington, Texas. Great job guys with this innovative and important tool that will change the way our local news will be delivered. I’m proud to be a member of such a fabulous group.

  7. I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of. I can’t wait to see the first issue. I hope others do this also. Good luck and thanks for the hard work.

    1. I find this to be an excellent move. We need to be able to communicate our message in a manner that people understand, that they want to participate and most of all never be offensive. We leave that to the losers. We are winners and we must act like that. Positive and intelligent.

  8. Hello Trevor!

    I just seen where you posted our video. I wanted to leave a personal “thank you” for your support on helping us get the message out. If Conservatives want to turn this country around, then they must be able and willing to embrace and become the media.

    We plan on delivering the news with objectivity and integrity. We reserve the right to be editorially conservative.

    Trust me, we have our city council running scared right now. This will be a game changing tool in getting the message out about all of the crooked activity going on in our city hall.

    Thanks again and stay in touch! Come visit my personal site sometime:

    -Zack M.

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