Kudos on producing a generation afraid of Post-it notes

“Protesters” in Portland, Oregon attack a family for having the American Flag displayed on their vehicle.

Edgewood College is a private Catholic liberal arts college located in Madison, Wisconsin. Its motto is “Heart Speaks to Heart.” This past week, those hearts have been speaking to one another of fear and perceived hate crimes. The vile culprit, as revealed by Campus Reform, has been revealed as the following…


Post-it note


For those of you that are still present, it might also be pertinent to share what was cruelly written on said Post-it which was stuck on the inside window of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion:

Suck it up pussies! 🙂

Of course in such dire times of hatred the Vice President for Student Development, Tony Chambers, was quick to issue a sternly written letter.

“Unfortunately, in a targeted act of intimidation and cowardice this past weekend, someone chose to post a sticky note message on the inside window of the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion(ODSI) in Predolin Hall. A great deal of fear, sadness, and anger among students, faculty, and staff resulted – especially for those that gather in the OSDI space. The message was hateful and harmful toward members of our community. It violated every value that this institution considers to be at its core. A group of cross-functional college staff representing campus security, student conduct, human resources, Title IX enforcement, and diversity and inclusion measures convened Tuesday morning to discuss how to address the hateful message. The group determined that the message constituted a Hate Crime, based on the guidelines from the Jeanne Clery Act and state law.

The notice goes on to state that the campus has been reported to the Madison Police Department and includes contact information for anyone with information about the culprit. Seriously, is this what higher education has devolved into in the past decade? We have created the perfect population of meek drones that shut down over words and run to the nearest authority figure for help. Just think how well they will function in an authoritarian state where the populace is expected to follow every rule without question and report on anyone (including friends, family, and neighbors) that do not fit the mold of the collective. Not only have we allowed this to happen, we paid said institutions vast sums of money to do so leaving either ourselves or our children deeply indebted financially to the Department of Education.

So what do we do now? Seriously, I’m looking for suggestions to keep my head from exploding. The comments section below would be a great place to start.

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6 thoughts on “Kudos on producing a generation afraid of Post-it notes

    1. Yes, excellent idea!

      This could become known as the Campus Post It Note Counterrevolution of 2016.

      Let’s come up with some things to post.

      How about these horribly dangerous, hateful phrases:

      “Sore losers!”

      “Trump 2016 – A win for Western Civilization!”

      “Trump trumps Political Correctness!” (I was going to put “Trump trumps PC” but thought that might be too confusing.)

      “Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions.” — G. K. Chesterton (if that will all fit on a post-it note)

      “It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.” — Jack Handy

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