Author Trevor Loudon Talks about What May be Coming from “Occupy Wall Street” in 2012; Says Attack on GOP Convention “Likely”

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“They will come back bigtime in the Spring and right through next Summer, and they will create merry hell in every city in America that they can get away with. I think they will probably do things like attack the Republican Party Convention next year in Tampa. I think there will be a lot of aggression… and they will try to use the Election year to focus attention on what they want.”


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4 thoughts on “Author Trevor Loudon Talks about What May be Coming from “Occupy Wall Street” in 2012; Says Attack on GOP Convention “Likely”

  1. If you want more Obama, just vote for him, or Romney, ot Cain, or Perry, or Huntsman, or for any other commie Rino out there….

    If you want true change and a return to a Constitutional government, then you must vote for and support Ron Paul in 2012…

    Eeven Glenn Beck and most right wing pundits including everyone at Fox News are in bed with the enemy. Why elese would they trash a man that for 30+ years has stood on the side of freedom and the Constitution?

    Why would a true American and conservative not support the only Candidate that has never turned his back on the oath of office he took….. If you do not support Ron Paul, then you are part of the problem we face….

  2. When Obama got elected, my forty yr old daughter ask me how he got elected. I told her then that he was backed by our enemies and that is how he is getting away with things other polititions would not.
    I knew from the start that Obama was put in office of President by our enemies to destroy our country. Thank you for confirmation of this fact. I hope people wake up and realize that if they don’t vote him out of office, our country that we love dearly will be in grave danger. Thank you for allowing me to voice my belief.

  3. I think protesters will not stop until they get what they want, someone needs to come down from way up there and try to give a voice to these people on courts and senates so that they won’t resort to go to the streets. People are already having a lot of unusual plans to getting heard like having arrestables who plans on getting arrested. I think it’s time someone genuinely makes some move.

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