7 thoughts on “Glenn Interviews Trevor Loudon

  1. Long overdue congressional investigation will elicit evidence that the subject has been a Comintern agent for all or most of his adult life. The “roots of his rage” are likely to be found in Indonesia and the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of communists and suspected communists in the mid-1960s.

    Congressional investigqtion s increasingly urgent for Democratic rank and file, who might not want to re-nominate a man who merely pretends to be the son of a black father, and whose U.S. citizenship is very much in doubt.

    Early caucuses and primaries will come very soon. It could be devastating for the D***ed Old Party if it comes out, after it re-nominates the subject that his autobiography was a hoax in claiming adoptive parents as birth parents and American citizenship in the face of strong evidence that he relinquished American citizenship in attaining Indonesian citizenship.

    1. Of course I mean “investigation” instead of “investigqtion”. Just arrived in Paris, where keyboards have “q” where the “a” would be on a querty board.

  2. Stang, that is true. Trevor has done much research that is so helpful. Am waiting on arrival of his new book. I am spreading the world loud!!!!

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