8 thoughts on “UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Obama Regime To Cut Off All TV & Radio Broadcasts On November 9th, 2011

  1. What about the Freedom of Information Act gutting??? Read “Phillip Dru Administrator” and you will see exactly what this administration is attempting.

    Ron Paul is the only hope for this country. He is committed to undoing ALL the UnConstitutional regulations and Executive Orders written by past administrations.

    Wake up folks! This is about the survival of the US as we know it and there is only ONE that will do it.

  2. Remember folks, WE, the people, HAVE the POWER! The usurper would be gone in a week IF the people WE elect to the Senate and the House of Representatives had the integrity to honor and defend the Constitution which they SWORE TO UPHOLD wheb WE elected them to office. It’s ONLY BECAUSE our CONGRESS is complicit that America is loosing everything the it has stood for these last 235+ years! As a Nation, we seem to be more interested in texting and watching Dancing with the Stars than we are in preserving our heritage of liberty and freedom.

    1. I’m pretty sure the only thing this is going to be used for is to declare marshal law, or maybe to introduce the man of perdition. What other reason is there?

  3. Beck knows how to speak out without fear. I am glad one man is strong enough to take a stand against evil. Thanks Glenn Beck!!!

    1. I’ll assume that you’re referring to Obama having “a fixation on control” since he keeps doing executive orders to subvert the constitution.

      If my assumption is wrong, you need to wake up and do your research. Obama has done MORE executive orders in 3 years than any other president did in 8 years!

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