20 thoughts on “The Left Speaks of War

  1. This kind of talk will backfire on these commie scumbags. Until 2008, I was never racially aware-meaning the I did not see the Black race as a threat, believing the US has come a long way since the 60’s race riots and racial unrest. I was wrong. Becoming aware of the current Black Panthers movement, their talk of killing White Babies and their paramilitary type organization speaks only of war. Obama has motivated and reinforced their anti White fervor, and the Blacks association with Communists and radical Islam signals they are preparing for violent acts against authority and White people.

    The US Government has been hijacked by a Islamic-Communist conspiracy that placed Obama in charge of the worlds largest nuclear arsenal. If you think this once great nation cannot rapidly fall apart to resemble African Tribal wars with armed black savages killing and destroying tens of thousands of White Americans and their homes and businesses you are likely to become a victim.

    The Democrats are no better than the armed savages of the jungle, as they represent and control an ideology of Marxism and Total Government Control, and have recently made public comments normally attributed to war mongering communists and traitors to the US Constitution.

    Thank you for this truthful and necessary publication. You have the courage and fortitude lacking in most Americans, and missing by all in Washington.

  2. JUST dont get in the same trap its not all blacks or all mexicans or even all muslims probably 20% of my custemors are black many understand whats going on how the govt works to keep people down @underthere thumb!

  3. These people that talk of unions and blacks taking to the streets with guns and killing people are just plain idiots. They have the thinking skills of a dodo bird and the morals of a rapist. They should be laughed at and held up to public derision by all the newspapers in the U.S. They will be the first to whine and moan when one of their family dies from a bullet. Remember Momar how his wife threatened to kill any American and she shut up after her family felt the real impact of killing. They are brave from a distance but when the bullets really start to fly they are the yellow cowards they really are. I doubt these union leaders and violence oriented black leaders would be so loud about guns and killing when one of their children, grand children or relatives gets killed. They will be the first to whine and complain. It is easy to talk of killing when your family is not a target.
    I would call them morons but that would be an insult to morons.

  4. At 12% of the population and so clearly hating white people, having black Americans take to streets with guns just might be the best solution to the welfare programs and insane socialist goals that could be devised. I think they would find out real quick just how many of us white people own guns and know how to use them, and we also have our experience with war.

    1. You better remember that Van Jones and the rest of the commie scum out there have direct access to Obama. Obama has direct access to the best weaponry in the world.

      Something to think about.

      If they start to get violent, let the cops handle it.

      If the cops can’t handle it, then consider your next plan of action.

      Obama wants us to react once the violence begins at the hands of HIS people.

      We must stand down until absolutely necessary.

  5. I have had the same trouble. Loads slowly and causes my Mac to freeze. I would love to know if this site is causing it.

    1. Let’s see: 3 feeds, 12 cookies capturing information on you and lots of images. It looks like the YouTube video is the main culprit however. I have a Mac also.

    2. Thanks also for the feedback – as we near closer to November 2012 our site has been the focus of malicious attacks already. We are looking into the overall security and functionality of the site.
      Tracey Loudon

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