4 thoughts on “Shocking video of politicians calling for redistribution of wealth

  1. What I find most shocking is that we allowed this to go on for so many years. We have let our children down by allowing these evil people to use them.

  2. Not shocking to those of us who have been on top of it. The video leaves out dozens of other examples as it probably should due to length considerations.

    Everyone – I repeat, everyone – in the progressive caucus in congress are socialists and Marxists. Trevor is the best source of that info.

  3. Shocking? How is it shocking? Redistributive philosophy and its acceptance has increasingly gained acceptance rather than revulsion in recent years. (Openly accelerating since 2006, thanks to the massive offensive of the SI & Soros’ Democracy Alliance coalition.) Is it shocking these Marxists and the host of “progressives” in our Congress would call for such action? No. Is it shocking that almost all my “liberal” progressive friends not only see this as acceptable, but also a moral duty? No. Freedom lovers are losing the philosophical battles, not by reason or logic, but they are being overwhelmed by a “shock and awe” propaganda campaign by commies at all levels of government, academia and media.

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