13 thoughts on ““Smart Meters”

  1. Anyone who doesn’t believe what this new meter is doing to us had better think again. These meters do exactly what this man says they do and who knows how much more they can do. I wonder if aluminum foil wrapped around the meter would interfere with the radio transmission? Has to be some way to screw with the power company on this. They are certainly screwing with us.
    As someone suggested ,maybe a new invention to block the radio signal is in order. I’ll take one thank you.

  2. Are you not aware that smart meters enable illegal frequencies which violate international EMF safety codes? That means the meters are illegal. Google THERMOGUY & read his site or NOW. EMF electrical induction of ALL biological creatures is why this is a dangerous scheme.

  3. At least he removed his Tin Foil Hat before recording this video.

    This is just one of the distractions being used to hurt the Tea Party movement.

    1. Don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around you do ya James. This is exactly how the “smart meters” work. Collecting and storing data then micro bursts of info moved from one meter to the next, via radio waves, on to the power company. Yes, they are able to read the meters from the street. And they use that as the excuse to install them. Just know that they really are devices to collect info on how you live, too.

  4. Already have a “changed” meter on my home. Power company said it was MANDATORY and for the “safety of their meter readers”. Meter readers can stay in their vehicles on the road and read your electric usage by a special device.

    Orwellian government issued devices anyone?

  5. All part of Agenda 21 — the UN’s Vision for the 21st Century — where only the ruling elite will own property and have a car. The rest of us will be herded into UDAs (already being implemented in Virginia, a teeny bit at a time) and forced to use mass transit systems.

    People will not be permitted in large areas of the country, in order protect plants and animals from human contamination.

    Sick New World coming if we don’t stop them.

    1. Agenda 21 was mentioned. Here is one of the best vid, from this very site, on this insidious power grab. Rosa is everywhere trying to wake people up. You might not agree with her politically, but she is right on on Agenda 21. Take the hour and a half to REALLY learn what the “change agents” are up to.


  6. Excellent story. What is most frightening is that there are millions of Americans who will complacently go along even after being exposed to this and other videos. And you thought New Zealand had a lot of sheep…

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