9 thoughts on “Civil Rights Railroad: Jesse Jackson Calls for Holder‘s DOJ to Prosecute Gov Walker Because He Stopped Minorities’ Access to Jobs When He Blocked High Speed Rail Project

  1. Just keep union jobs no matter what harm they do to the country. After all they mean votes to the liberals. Our country is damned by the liberals and they mean to stay in power. We get to pay for big payoffs to unions and pay for unending welfare. What happens when we say no. We are called recists when recisism is used against us for their gain. They are the racists in fact.

  2. Sparky makes those who follow Trevor Loudon look like fools. He may well be a troll, trying to make conservatives look idiotic.

  3. This loudmouthed nigga shows up for one reason , to incite violence and conflict. It would be a gift to America if someone put a bullet in this niggas head.

    1. SPARKY is an obvious troll, he needs to be REPORTED for calling for violence!! Who is reading this stuff before it gets into print? WAKE UP

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