Wake Up America – Or There Won’t Be An America


Frank Gaffney is one of the few commentators in America today who actually understands the stakes we’re all playing for.

Obamamunism isn’t primarily about economic disaster or centralized government tyranny. Those things, bad as they are, are just means to an end.

The real goal is the destruction of the US military, to the advantage of the combined forces of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, militant Islam and all their soon to be revealed allies.

The aim isn’t to make America like Europe, it is to make her like Cuba or North Korea – by massive nuclear, EMP, biological, chemical, terrorist, infantry, naval, air and cyber attack if necessary.

America is to be destroyed as a political entity and even physically according to some plans.

Such an attack is inevitable, as soon America’s multiple enemies figure the balance of forces has moved far enough in their favor to guarantee victory.

That tipping point is way closer than most Americans could begin to imagine.

And if America goes, the whole free world goes. That is the bottom line.

Forget fleeing to Costa Rica or New Zealand. Russia, China and Iran will rule any who survive.

Some excerpts from Frank Gaffney at Breitbart’s Big Peace:

Unilaterally reducing our nuclear arsenal is not the only national security weakness of the current administration, according to Gaffney. “The Obama administration is engaged in a wrecking operation to create conditions under which the American military is riven with problems even worse than during the Carter administration hollowing out,” he said.

Gaffney described two simultaneous developments. Just as the world is becoming more dangerous, the Obama administration is in the process of breaking “the only military we have.”


Along with the decline in presidential attention to these critical national security issues, Gaffney criticized prominent former Defense and State Department officials, as well as one prominent former senator. “You do now have this well-funded aggressive agitation organization, and they’ve enlisted what I call the Four Horsemen–Former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry, Former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Schultz, and former Senator Sam Nunn–all of whom should know better, and they’re touting this comprehensive test ban treaty. Most of these guys are part of the Global Zero initiative, a Ted Turner, George Soros, Warren Buffet-funded operation.”

This world view rests on three premises, according to Gaffney. The first premise is that you can eliminate nuclear weapons, “which you can’t,” he said. The second premise is that the world would be a safer place if you could eliminate nuclear weapons, “which it wouldn’t.” And the third premise is that others will follow the lead of the United States, which under the Obama administration is pursuing the goal of ridding the world of nuclear weapons. But, Gaffney maintains, the mere fact that the United States is pursuing this goal “has profound results when nobody else in the world is doing the same and no one is following our lead.”

Mitt Romney, Gaffney noted, did not raise the issue of national security in the 2012 Presidential campaign. “National security,” Gaffney said “was not something they wanted to talk about. It’s a reflection of the Republican Party that no longer has been thinking about these issues.”


There are parallels, Gaffney believes, between the United States in 2013 and England in the 1930s. “Americans have mostly not been thinking seriously about national security since the end of the Cold War. That kind of inattentiveness has real costs. I see what Churchill used to call a gathering storm and we’re not paying attention; our leadership is largely averting its gaze and certainly not robustly taking to the American people the case that must be made.”

“As for the Democrats,” Gaffney continued, “people who are now the late baby boomer generation are still somewhat sensitive on these matters, at the very least. Younger and younger generations are further removed from hard experience with the world. The group I saw in evidence at CPAC–young people sporting “Stand With Rand” buttons–those folks are likely to be the cannon fodder for the next horrific conflict.”

“At some point,” Gaffney said, “we’re going to face a serious nuclear threat. The Chinese have invested in the construction of 3,000 miles of tunnels in which they are concealing their nuclear arsenal. That’s something the public has no knowledge of.”

If that doesn’t scare you into action, perhaps this will. I recorded it before last year’s election as a warning to my beloved America. It’s been viewed over 100,000 times so far.

I think it’s just as relevant today.


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17 thoughts on “Wake Up America – Or There Won’t Be An America

  1. Hi Tina. how much defeat did George Washington and the first American revolutionaries endure before they were victorious?

    I have no illusions about how tough this job is my friend.

    But right is on our side, and our cause will prevail in the end:)

  2. Trevor, we’ve tried, and we keep getting beaten down by the opposition. I feel like I am regularly outtalked and outscreamed, and I don’t debate well enough to talk back and scream back. One can only take so much defeat.

    1. Hi Tina – there are millions of us fighting. You just don’t see it in the sycophant media. They would have you believe we are defeated — that the enemy can walk in and take over. Not true in America. We are awake and we are armed with our Constitutional rights and with research and knowledge. It will be a fight that they won’t win in the end.

      Our Founders lost over and over again before they prevailed with God’s blessings. We will as well — we just keep fighting no matter what. I will fight till I can no longer stand and even then, there are those that will fill my shoes. We are on the right side of history. Stick to your beliefs and keep up the good fight. Evil may prevail in the short run, but it is always defeated in the end.

  3. Time is up your only protection was God himself and thst you cared not much about you let the luciferians and his minions get rid of him his commandments he gave us go follow and all the great gifts in are world and the USA you let corrupt politicians step in you just sat drank those special drinks and enjoyed immodesty and immpuritys and let your brain be dumbed down and charity which first is love of God then your neighbor gone your pledge of alligience to the flag gone replaced with democracy which was suppose to be republic changed next a god did make a liberal or a conservative he did not make a democrat or republican he said one thing very clearly follow my laws and he said are you with me or against me look around the world the answer is fight there the greatest conspiracy happening in broad daylight right in front of your eyes time is up God Sent others years ago to warn you Myran fagan Benjamin freeman and others I have there talks look them up on the Internet look up brother Nathaniel he shows and tells truth as are dear Blessed Mother warned but went on deaf ears the good will suffer with the bad it is already happening her next warnings is coming upon us the living will envy the dead she telling us the war is coming


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