Allen West with Michael Berry, in Studio: “The President is a Marxist”

Good, wide ranging interview with Allen West. Tells it like is with Obama. Also great on economy and taxes.


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7 thoughts on “Allen West with Michael Berry, in Studio: “The President is a Marxist”

  1. If the GOP does NOT realize the power and integrity of Allen West, Obama wins in 2012.

    The current GOP field does not have ENOUGH Courage, Honor and Integrity to face the “Marxist machine”

    Allen West 2012.


      1. Mad Angel;

        And now it’s so clear why we don’t like Ron Paul, and he is not able to get real traction.

        LTC Allen West is the one constant, the one with all that we need to get us back on track. Unfortunately, he, for his own reasons does not see himself as a candidate. He is seen by the pundits as a ‘future’ president. Alas, by then it will be of no avail. We need help here and now. We’re in the fourth quarter. The game is almost over, and we are losing BIG TIME!

      2. Ron Paul is an Islamophil and anti-Israel. And before you go ranting about that being a lie out of the MSM, I heard it out of his own mouth. AND you KNOW it’s true. He will N-E-V-E-R get my vote.

    2. I completely agree with you Romanticpoet. Allen West is the man we need to be Commander in Chief in 2012. 2016 will be too late. He is the one person who can soundly defeat Obama. He is the only person who understands the severity of the threats outside of the U.S. and from within our borders.

      I don’t understand why the groups that have been pursuing Chris Christie have not gone to Allen West and tried to draft him to run and fill the void in the field of GOP candidates we now have. I believe that the candidates mean well, but I don’t think that any of them are strong enough for the job with the difficult times ahead of our country. I know that LTC West is. He has proven that while serving his country in the military.

      Trevor, I want to thank you for all that you do here. I appreciate it so much. Do you have any contacts or connections in the U.S. to speak to Congressman West about reconsidering his stance on running for POTUS before it is too late for him to enter? I am so afraid for the survival of our country and Western civilization if he does not. I hope to see you next month while you are here in the U.S. Please keep up the good fight.

  2. There is no question that Allen West is the best candidate we could hope for, not just to defeat Obama, but because he is best for America. Yes, there are people who want Christie to run, though I don’t think he compares to West, but if you look throughout the internet you don’t see the pleading, the begging, the praying, the passion for Christie that West has.

    I think Ron Paul has a place in the government, especially when it comes to auditing the Fed, but in this world of diabolical fanatics, we just cannot afford a laisez-faire stance. Ron Paul would think it wrong to have Awlaki and other top operatives killed without “due process.” I don’t think most Americans would agree with that. They were self-admitted terrorist and they got the due process they deserved without the expense, attention and media circus that would have ensued otherwise. Same with Bin Laden. Iran with a nuclear weapon? No, thanks! Since they treasure death the way we treasure life, they would actually use it without a sense of mutual annihilation.

    Mad Angel: Israel a boil on the world’s ass? Okay, take Israel out of the equation and what do you have in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, just about every Arab country — Arabs killing Arabs and Muslims killing Muslims. What relatively recent contribution have any of those countries made to humanity. Have they found a cure to disease, contributed to the advancement of science, developed some great invention, written any great music, any great art? Like any Fascist regime, they need to find an excuse for why they are worse off than someone else. The Western way of life is their excuse. With Hitler, it was the Jews. With Obama, it’s the rich and the Tea Party. So if Israel, which isn’t even large enough to be anything but a spec on the world is a boil, what are the other middle-east countries? Naiveté is fertile ground for radicals. It’s been proven over and over again throughout history.

    Anyway, I digress, but all I know is that in my heart of hearts I feel that West would be our best choice. I would travel anywhere to help his campaign and donate as much as I possibly could, personally and financially to his campaign.

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