6 thoughts on “Stanford Professor Terry Moe: Big Labor is Why Years & $Billions Have Failed to Fix Education

  1. Unionism died when the “laborers” found out they DIDN’T MEED a union to bargain for them. Thus, the unions died.

    1. OH, OK, then we can expect children to get a lot smarter over the next 10 years because the school system does not cow tow to the unions anymore, right? I think NOT!
      As long as members are paying dues and the Union leaders are supporting the wrong organizations, schools will continue to hire on less than mediocre teachers..children will not learn the basics.
      What curriculum in our schools are teaching the Constitutional principals of our country? Who is teaching children free enterprise and thinking outside the box these days? Capitalism?
      All I hear in the news is the liberal teachers are polluting the minds of the children in their classrooms and teaching them Socialism.

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