4 thoughts on “Rubio: “This Debate Will Continue”

  1. Rubio was very wrong on the comment that the two competing visions are no more or less moral or patriotic. Wrong Wrong Wrong! Freedom, the Consitution and the dignity of the individual is in fact the moral patriotic choice. The other redistributive, destruction of individual dignity and forced collectivism is EVIL pure and simple, and in turn is not in anyway patriotic.

    Come on Marco, don’t be afraid to call evil what it is.

  2. I need to hear this again. Did he not say that the two visions may not be able to find a middle ground?

    He’s right on that score. Lenin once argued that Capitalism and Socialism cannot, ultimately, coexist on this planet, and that at some point one or the other would disappear or be destroyed.

    As for the morality of Socialism, I, too, disagree, although I think I understand what he was trying to accomplish through such rhetoric — that of reaching the socialists and the fellow travelers with his words. But perhaps I am wrong.

    Still. I’m reading David Mamet’s new book: The Secret Knowledge. A terrific book by a brilliant mind — a reformed Liberal. As a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, Mamet — whose early works were profane and flippant indictments of Capitalism — is a rather tough actor-turned-playwright, one whose ear and eye for reality permeates his characters and his thinking. So it was probably inevitable that Mamet would be — in the words of someone else whose name I can’t recall — “mugged by reality.”

    One of the seminal works to which Mamet attributes his “revelation” is Hayek’s classic “The Road to Serfdom.” From this, Mamet asserts that the economic reality is one where trade is a prerequisite for society, and that the “excess of disposable income” must arise from “the production of goods and services necessary or attractive to the mass.” THE NEXT LINE is the one that is the moral clincher: “A financial system which allows this leads to inequality; one that does not leads to mass starvation” (p. 2).

    That’s the inherent difference between the free market and socialism. Ultimately, both will lead to inequality. Socialism will, in the long or short run, result in “mass starvation.” Mamet is spot on here.

    There’s more. But I hope the statesman in Rubio will not be naive enough to believe that there is no moral difference between the free market system that fuels our Constitutional Republic and a Socialist/Marxist “State-Capitalism” (which isn’t capitalism) where those who work are enslaved for the purposes of feeding, housing, clothing, and protecting those who won’t.

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