Reminds Me of What to Do Before I’m Dead

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

No. 1: Get Obama out of OUR White House.

Preferably, before America finishes embracing the types of riots and unrest seen in Britain over the last couple of weeks. I don’t hold much hope for that outcome though. With Philadelphia percolating its own riots and a Day of Rage coming to New York, good times will be had by the Communists and Anarchists. There will most likely be a hot time in New York and Philly without a doubt.

And do you really believe once the Days of Rage start in earnest they won’t spread? They will – they have been well organized and orchestrated. As the economy worsens in the US, most major cities will become vulnerable to this outlaw mentality. And it won’t just be the Commies and Anarchists either. Many who consider themselves patriots will be confused by this and will be taken in by the rhetoric that it is not a right or left issue – it is an issue of corruptness within our system. They will be used to further violence and the end game of Obama’s Marxist regime where he will be more than happy to come down on Americans for their own good, don’tcha know. It is a Cloward and Piven push that is morphing into a shove.

We are already seeing indicators of how our government is preparing to respond to those who would stand against them. And they don’t care if the protesters are left or right. Let G-d or more likely Obama, sort them out in the end. San Francisco is cutting cell service to prevent protests on their rail service. How very Mubarak of the authorities in the city by the Bay. How very unconstitutional.

And in a tit for tat situation, protesters cut phone lines in Pennsylvania to further protests by Verizon union members. Thus furthering union mob tactics and terrorizing that area.

I personally fear both sides. As loss of morality and respect for the law accelerates, insanity will exponentially explode into more and more violence. You won’t know who to trust, so you better arm yourselves and prepare to defend your homes and family. When it hits the fan in your area, you may not get a second chance. Just like homeowners and business owners in Britain didn’t get a second chance. They died trying to defend their homes.

Now Britain is cutting off social networks as if that will stop the rioting. It will inflame it further. I honestly don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that cutting off communication creates fear and fear leads to more violence. It doesn’t help that they don’t have nearly enough police. But then again, that has its drawbacks too as police in situations like that have to defend themselves and the public. There is always some yahoo who decides to go power hungry as well and either beat or kill people that don’t obey. One thing is for sure, the roving gangs of young people that are stealing, killing and destroying need to be stopped. The racial and religious clashes have to be stopped. But I’m not sure the government there is up to the task. Welcome to hell Britain and we are right behind you.

So many things at once are causing this to come about in the US: religion, race, the economy, Marxists, Progressives, Communists, Anarchists. All coordinated by those who are connected to, and who surround, Barrack Obama. An evil plan whose time has come at long last for those who would force America to her knees. Hatred of America run amok – hate that we have allowed to fester and grow out of guilt, apathy and weakness.

Americans are better than this. We always have been. We have to rid ourselves of the Progressives in our midst. Ruthlessly vote them out and meet them on every front available. Every town hall, every meeting, every conference call.

There is no room for these violent protests and riots. We cannot let our cities and neighborhoods devolve into this madness. The people protesting aren’t hurting ‘the man,’ they are hurting their neighbors, their employers, their friends, their families… What does it gain them? More fear, more poverty, move enslavement. It is not the way out. It is the way down.

Start where you live. Organize those who agree with you. Actively go out and get people that are worthy to be in office elected. It’s hard work, but it is the best way to change what is going on. We outnumber the left 3 to 1 and they are holding America hostage. It does not need to be this way. They have gained power by carefully planning and inserting the right people into office. Watch what your enemy is doing successfully (that isn’t violent or immoral) and implement it.

You have to make the minority understand they aren’t the majority to get them to back off. It’s the same reason that the Second Amendment is so important. If criminals know you are armed, they think twice before attacking you. You become a fighter and not a victim. While we were working, raising our families and just living, the left has been planning, organizing, attacking us by winning one battle at a time. That is how you win a war. If Conservatives can organize by neighborhood and then by city and figure out a battle plan for winning elections and ways to implement Conservative values, we will win and there does not have to be bloodshed and death. We don’t have to play into the Communists hands, but we need to move quickly and forcefully now before that is our only option. We can either fight or succumb. We need to break the cycle of dependency on the government and return to American independence.

This all just reminds me that I have one thing to do before I’m dead, just one… Get Barack Obama and his evil minions out of OUR White House.


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4 thoughts on “Reminds Me of What to Do Before I’m Dead

  1. I say let them have at it. They will show their true colors to more Americans. And they have the nerve to call Tea Party people terrorists? We have to decide if we want a “thugocracy.” Prepare your family for survival. Help your friends and neighbors.

  2. The call for getting obama out of “OUR” white house hits the nail on the head.

    This country was not founded to provide a generic marxist welfare state for every direlict misfit that stumbles in from out of the swamp. (The 14th Amendment did that.) Our Founding Fathers were not marxists.

    This country was founded by, and for, “Ourselves and Our Posterity” alone (consistant with the legal definition of “nation”). It is this political community of people who serve as the nation’s “principal”, its source of authority and are its sovereign-master who alone can exercise authority over it.

    The 14th Amendment provided a privileged ipso-facto citizenship after the Civil War for non-posterity individuals on the “federal” level. Federal authority did not extend to the early State governments and the “free” citizens of those States who did not need the 14th Amendment or a Civil Rights Act to give them “legal” rights; they already had God given “natural” rights which pre-existed government. Government was created by “them” to protect and preserve these unalienable “natural” rights.

    The 14th amendment created statutory citizen is a government created “subject”, the first in our history. They are the “agents” of Congress, who is the source of their statutory “civil rights” (they do not have “natural” Creator derived rights). This country was not founded for them, they have been “adopted” into its mainstream society belonging to the founders’ posterity, the “host” body politic. The 14th Amendment does not apply to the founding generation or its “Posterity”.

    As the “agent”, they need permission (statutory “civil rights”) from the sovereign government to do anything, while the sovereign citizen already had rights coming from God. The “agent” citizen cannot make demands of sovereign government (the king), it can only grovel at its feet and plead for largesse.

    Under the Law of Agency, only the “PRINCIPAL” can correct unlawful acts and usurpations of authority of it “agents”. It’s important to know which is which.

    It is time the “Posterity” to whom this country belongs start to speak out in the capacity of “principal” in defense of their birthright before they lose it entirely.

  3. The outcome of the struggle is by no means certain. I do have some reservations about some of your comment:

    “I personally fear both sides”

    Exactly what sides are you talking about. I agree that the thugs and the government are in on it. It is the “old bottom-up, Top down and inside out” which Van Jones puts up as this great new idea but actually, it is part of every tyrannical group bag of trick. As I see it, you have the Left and the Conservatives ideology at war. Unfortunately, there is no center because the center as anarchy is nothing more than a transitional state to either a despotic, tyrannical oligarchy or a Republic based on the rule of law and freedom. Notice I avoid the use of democracy because it too is a transitional state for the latter.

    I however, agree with your strategy. We need to become well informed and circle the wagons around our community. I recommend which allows you to make connections in you community. This is not an end but a tool available to us. It is unlike Facebook and tweeter in that is narrowly focused activism and provides tools to become an activist in you community. A starting point. In the end, only you can make a difference. I worry that people, so conditioned for so many years, wanting to push a button to fix the problem. There is no magic bullet or simple solution to our situation. We allowed the Left to create a climate, for the last 60 years, that is now ripe for revolution and that is what they are trying to do.

  4. I am already seeing the agitation beginning here in my home city of Phoenix, AZ. There are small groups of instigators who try to provoke a reaction from people by race baiting and intimidation. The tension is growing among the people in the east city section, and may soon enough erupt into conflict and riots.

    Reports have come to me from associates who have attended many of the local socialist and communist party ‘rallies’ (farces as I call them) and mentioned that they do continuously refer to the book “Rules for Radicals” and the need to organize “professional aggitative groups” for the uprisings to come.

    lately the pattern of their ranting is becoming more and more consistent between the groups, and directed to specific groups; yet I have not been able to confirm with a video, sound track or such to get it on the web.

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