Rebuild the Dream: IPS Steals the Phrase “American Dream”

Neo-communist former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones is leading the charge for the Rebuild the Dream movement.

Van Jones leads the charge

The movement, according to Jones, is the “progressive” counter to the “tea party.”

In reality, it is a fraudulent movement, deliberately co-opting the language of genuine American idealism to promote a socialist agenda.

More ominously still, the real driver of the movement is the real brains behind the Obama movement, the far left Washington DC based “think tank,” the Institute for Policy Studies.

From the IPS website:

The United States and the world face an enormous crisis. It is an economic crisis for sure, with all that means in lack of jobs, lack of housing, lack of health care, and lack of education. But it is equally a crisis shaped by endless war, by environmental injustice, and by discrimination. As Dr. Martin Luther King reminded us so many times, the enemy is the “giant triplet of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism.”

That’s still true. We have learned that the best movements are those that speak to all of those urgent needs, that fight against racism, poverty, and war. Rebuild the Dream recognizes that Dr. King’s vision remains still unfulfilled, and is starting to pull together, through the new Contract for the American Dream, a new movement-in-the-making to challenge power, to reach out to new allies, to build bridges instead of walls.

IPS has been working hard to generate ideas and policies around many of the core 10 pieces of the contract, and we are collaborating with a broad coalition of citizen groups on many of them. Stopping the wars is central to our work. Ending corporate tax dodging, taxing Wall Street speculation, and ensuring the top two percent pay their fair share are also key elements of our policy initiatives. As is a new program for green Main Street jobs as the centerpiece of a new economy. All this is part of the Contract for the American Dream.

As Dr. King also taught us, changing the world, changing history, requires powerful people’s movements. We are enthusiastic co-creators of this one.

IPS has co-opted all the usual suspects to join the new movement, more than seventy organisations including labor federation Change to Win, CODEPINK, Color of,  Rev. Jim WallisFaithful America, Planned ParenthoodJoel RogersCenter On Wisconsin Strategy, USAction, The Daily Kos, several Democratic Socialists of America dominated organizations, including the Working Families Party, AFCSME, Communications Workers of America, Economic Policy Institute, Campaign for America’s Future and Progressive Democrats of America, plus the George Soros funded Progressive States Network, and two Van Jones founded groups, The Ella Baker Center on Human Rights and Green for All.

Also included on the list is New York based “think tank'” Demos, a partner organization of IPS and a long time ally of the now re-named reincarnated and re-funded “community group” ACORN.

Interestingly, both Barack Obama and Van Jones have served on the Demos Board of Trusteees.

Just as the left has stolen once honorable words such as progressive and liberal, they are now about to defile the phrase “American Dream.”

Once a symbol of hard work, enterprise and success, ‘American Dream’ will be twisted and perverted to mean entitlement, state enforced social engineering and socialism.


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16 thoughts on “Rebuild the Dream: IPS Steals the Phrase “American Dream”

  1. Know thy enemy. Get involved at every level. Your kids are being brainwashed and propagandized. Evil has installed itself at every level of our government. Obama,like the left, is starting to reveal his true colors. He just recently stated capitalism isn’t working! People who work hard to earn alot of money are somehow evil. Most importantly your freedom and constitutional rights are in jeopardy. “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

  2. Remember that Obama slogan “Change we could believe in”? I knew we couldn’t trust him. It was code for Obama’s revenge – He’s the black President who appointed a red commie to force Americans to turn green.”

  3. You say and the George Soros funded Progressive States Network, doesn’t he fund at some level all of the mentioned groups.

  4. Sad. I am sure some of these followers have good intentions, but they fail to realize that while a level society sounds like a good idea, the Van Jones plan would make government so top heavy that it would push the level of everyone down to banana republic levels.

  5. It’s more like the American Nightmare. The left is getting desperate as they witness their hero go down in flames.

    We must stay vigilant and give no quarter.

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