5 thoughts on “Pelosi: The Rich Won’t Pay Taxes Because They Want To Be Immortal

  1. Her husband is worth roughly $30 Million. They have vineyards in Napa Valley that employ non union workers. Nancy, that botox is causing brain damage.

  2. Is this PLASTIC WITCH serious? Does she believe that we don’t know how much money she has acquired through her corrupt methods and her slave labor profits fsrom Star Kist in American Samoa where she and her husband have brought in billions by using slave labor. She is a despicable, evil person who should burn in HELL for all ETERNITY.

    She has cost the American taxpayers millions if not bilions by her extravagance as a House Speaker where her extravagancies included $100,000 price tags for food and wine aboard the luxury taxpayer private jet that was at her command as Speaker. She is a rotten, evil witch who deserves to go straight to HELL

  3. Like other Congressmen and Senators, Pelosi is a millionaire who realized more than 60% increase in net worth during obama’s recession when us peons were losing our jobs and struggling to buy groceries.

    Why doesn’t obama (another millionaire) ask her when enough is enough? Maybe these millionaire and billionaire politicians should be reduced to minimum wage status, after all it is their idea.

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