Barack Obama’s Timothy McVeigh Moment in Iowa, on Video

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Yesterday in Iowa:

AP Video: “Obama’s Heated Exchange After Event

Great politely confrontational politics, Tea Partiers. Seems you are more talented than nearly all the White House press corps. Oh the heat, Associated Press!

Three points:

  1. You may want to listen two or three times, to take in all the nuance. This is the United States (Putative) President, ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Isn’t threatening to unnecessarily withhold Medicare and Medicaid payments to senior citizens and to default on the payrolls of our armed forces economic terrorism, Mr. Cloward-Piven? I mean, Obama? Why didn’t the Congressional GOP and the lowland lords of the Tea Parties bring that out, well before the Biden blurt?
  3. Timothy McVeigh? Really Mr. (Putative) President? Way to step in it and work your shoe all around. Attempts to slander healthy-minded, budget-minded,  constitutionalist, and Christian conservatives with the name of the agnostic/atheistic McVeigh are cliché among the disconnected left. Here are three exposés of that, a. in WorldNetDaily, b. in Flopping Aces, and c. in American Thinker, by Jack Cashill.
(To digress, if you want to peruse some really provocative information about the Oklahoma City Bombing, Jack Cashill covers that, in an two-parter about Terry Nichols’ testimony and in a micro-bio of Jamie Gorelick, Mistress of Disaster.)

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