3 thoughts on “Attention on Acorn

  1. Thanks for reporting yet another ACORN fraud conviction in Nevada! This totally substantiates the documented charges in Mathew Vadum’s brilliant book, SUBVERSION INC., and former Harvard Professor Stanley Kurtz’s, RADICAL-IN-CHIEF,
    1) “[That Obama] lied about his ties to ACORN during the 2008 presidential campaign, as a wealth documentary evidence now establishes beyond doubt.” See Kurtz, P. 387
    2).”[Obama] thoroughly misled the public about the nature of his relationship to [Weather Underground terrorist] Bill Ayers and [‘God Dammed America!”] Jeremiah Wright – and a host of other radicals as well,” see Kurtz, ibid.
    3) “Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts [have dropped the ACORN name and] are still terrorizing and ripping off American Taxpayers,” see Vadum’s book cover.
    3) “We’ve seen that the favorite strategies of community organizers [like Obama] are designed to push [America} into Socialism well before they can figure out what’s happened” and finally, this former Professor Kurtz concludes, “Had the American public known the truth…[that] the President of the United States is a Socialist… Obama would have never risen to the U.S, Senate, much less the presidency.” Kurtz page 389.

  2. My mother volunteered to man the early-voter poll at her home in Florida in 2007. ACORN workers came in daily with buses full of people in wheelchairs and even hospital beds who they claimed needed “assistance” voting. So the ACORN workers filled out the paperwork and proceeded to “assist” these disabled people at the voting terminals. My mother became physically ill having to watch this blatant disregard for the process and the glee these ACORN workers took in perpetrating this fraud. If true justice were dispensed every one of those ACORN workers would be imprisoned and stripped of their voting privileges for the rest of their lives. Too many people in the United States don’t value freedom and it’s fragile existence.

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