5 thoughts on “Thaddeus McCotter Speaks of Sovereignty

  1. I like him; he speaks the truth without fear. He is not exciting but he seems to be well grounded. He would make a wonderful president.

  2. Fully and truly on the money; we are in danger of losing our own identity and sovreignties – listen America, and listen well, for the time is now when the line is drawn in the sand; these events on the news and means of the govenrmnet grabbing for power I have heard described in detail by my late grandfather under the FDR administration…we nearly wound up with a dictator then; we are only a few weeks at most from the same happening here as well.

    Choose now, and take the stand.
    For in not chosing, you already have made the choice.

    It comes down to the choice of personal liberites:

    Obama wishes to have “We the government, to form a more perfectly controlling and dominating government…”

    The restorers wish to have “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…”

    This land will not go into the night so long as I am able to do so.

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