3 thoughts on “Rep. West: Obama ‘Needs to Admit’ His Economic Policies ‘Have Failed’ America

  1. LTC Allen West is the man we need now to run for Commander-In-Chief in 2012! I am among thousands across America calling on him to do so. We believe he is our best hope of defeating the Obama machine and “Righting the Ship”. We don’t just like Rep. West, we love him and all that he stands for! Strength, courage, honesty and love of country.

    Mr. West has said, “I would go through Hell with a gasoline can if it was necessary to protect my men”. I believe that he would serve and protect all Americans in the same way.

    Mr. West does not have an agenda and is in no way a typical politician. He is humble, selfless and only wants to serve his country. Another statement by West regarding what surprises him most about working in Washington, D.C. “I’ve never seen people that are so comfortable with lying in my life.”

    He has already proven his leadership in the short time he has served in Congress. Even though his experience in politics is short, his leadership and courage under fire are immeasurable experiences this couuntry sorely needs. He is the man you can count on to make difficult decisions when the phone rigns at 3 am.

    Please check out more about Rep. Allen West’s convictions and leadership and join us in our effort to Draft him to run for President @ http://www.AllenWestforPresident.us .

  2. Indeed, Mr Obama’s economic policies have failed America; which is the one thing Obama and his czars wish for — destory us economically and collapse us into the new socialist progressive structure they are almost finished with.

    They just need any excuse for the final annhilation of our liberties and freedoms to throw us under the bus forever; they want to build us into a nightmare utopia that will only bring starvation, death and control both in America, and via the UN, around the world.

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