5 thoughts on “Pelosi Wants to Amend America’s Sacred Documents Forever Expanding Freedom that Comes With Jobs

  1. I thought this is what the stimulus money was to be used for? If they pass this and the 6 year infrastructure bill the unions will be all set for quite a long time.

  2. If any politician votes in favor of this proposal, he/she should immediately be arrested for treason. Are they serious? Putting about 30 million people to work, payed for by us working people? That would destroy this country’s working class, and hence, America. To destroy this country would be treasonous; whether by design or by bleeding heart ignorance is irrelevant. These politicians need to be rounded up now. Waiting until future elections isn’t soon enough as they seem to be hellbent on destroying this great nation. Impeach the POTUS and the congressmen/women who are implementing socialist/communist programs and ideas now.

  3. Lets see Pelosi is a socialistic Progressive; and so if she gets what she wants, then the government is set for eternity…and the rest of us are sunk deeper into the swamp until fossilization would look like a very good alternative to the ongoing nightmare of Obamacare.

  4. Yeah government program workers that worked so well during the depression years.

    Of course now they will all be unionized and earn a federal pension that somehow somewhere someone will come up with the money to pay for.

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