Obama Pal and Terrorist Dohrn Linked to Mexican Killer Case

By: Cliff Kincaid
Gulag Bound

“The police will have to determine if someone is a foreign citizen in order to offer them consular rights, but they’ll also be forbidden to ask if someone is a foreign citizen in the interest of not discriminating against illegal immigrants, a lovely Catch 22 dreamed up by academics. This cliff we’re careening towards is permanent demotion of Americans’ legal rights on their own soil.”

G u l a g    B o u n d

Crime reporter and blogger Tina Trent says that President Obama’s intervention on behalf of an illegal alien killer can be traced back to a 2003 conference that featured Bernardine Dohrn, Van Jones, and representatives of the Soros-funded Open Society Institute. “The purpose of the conference was to find ways to insinuate international (read: United Nations) laws and resolutions in American legal arenas, as Sandra Babcock is attempting to do to free her client, Humberto Leal,” Trent reports on her blog.

Babcock is the attorney for a killer described in liberal media reports as “a Mexican national” who is in fact an illegal alien convicted of the 1994 kidnapping, rape, and murder of 16-year-old Adria Sauceda in San Antonio, Texas. Leal was scheduled to be executed on Thursday night in Texas before the Obama Administration intervened on his behalf, claiming his rights as an illegal in the U.S., under an international treaty, had not been protected. Leal has had the benefit of 45 different hearings and appeals and his guilt is beyond question.

The issue that Obama is concerned about is whether this illegal alien was able to contact the Mexican embassy in order to protect his “rights” under international law.

Trent reports [1], “Humberto Leal’s defense attorney, Sandra L. Babcock, of the terrorist-sheltering law school at Northwestern University, has an interesting vitae. Ms. Babcock’s research interest is imposing international law on the American justice system, a hobby she practices with her colleague, terrorist-cum-law-professor Bernardine Dohrn.”

“If President Obama, his friend Bernardine Dohrn, and Jimmy Carter get their way, the police are going to find their hands tied in ten different ways, and our criminal justice system will soon be utterly subservient to whatever the hell they dream up at the U.N.,” Trent says [1] of the Obama Administration’s intervention in the case.

In intervening on behalf of Leal, Obama is acting on behalf of the government of Mexico.

Indeed, Babcock’s work has been funded by the government of Mexico. According to Babcock’s biography [2], “From 2000-2006 she served as director of the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program, a program funded by the Mexican Foreign Ministry to assist Mexican nationals facing capital punishment in the United States. For her work, she was awarded the Aguila Azteca, the highest honor bestowed by the government of Mexico upon citizens of foreign countries, in 2003.”

Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn back in the day

Dohrn is the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground who, with her husband and fellow terrorist Bill Ayers, hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama when he ran for the state Senate in Illinois. She praised the followers of mass murderer Charles Manson and Manson himself as a “true revolutionary.” Dohrn and Ayers signed a document, “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism,” dedicated in part to Sirhan Sirhan, the Marxist Palestinian who killed Robert F. Kennedy. This endorsement played a role in the University of Illinois denying Ayers, who had been a professor of education at the school, emeritus status after he retired.

For her part, Dohrn was jailed for seven months for refusing to cooperate with a grand jury investigating the murder of two policemen and a security guard in the 1981 Brinks robbery. She is accused by former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, based on a meeting he had with Ayers, of planting the bomb that killed San Francisco Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell in 1970. Dohrn denies the charge.

Van Jones, listed as being “invited” to the international law conference, is the former Obama official and self-proclaimed communist who voiced doubts that Muslims carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Trent notes that Babcock and Dohrn were listed by Northwestern [3] as experts on human rights issues when the Chicago City Council adopted a resolution in support of ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This treaty gives a U.N. body the power to pass judgment over how parents raise their children.

Trent says that in 2003, along with the A.C.L.U., The Jimmy Carter Center, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Soros-funded Open Society Institute, sponsored a conference called Human Rights at Home: International Law in U.S. Courts [4]. The official description said one purpose was that of “Ensuring U.S. accountability for violating international human rights principles…”

Dohrn was on the program, discussing “women and children’s issues.” Another participant was Harold Koh, now Obama’s State Department legal adviser and one of those pushing for Leal’s international “rights.”

In 2004, Dohrn spoke [5] to the Baltimore branch of the Soros-funded Open Society Institute on the subject of discipline in schools. In 1999, according to Dohrn’s curriculum vitae [6], she spoke at New York University under the auspices of the Open Society Institute on the subject of “Families in a Free Society.” Another Weather Underground terrorist, Linda Evans, who was pardoned and released from prison by President Clinton, received a “Soros Justice Fellowship” to promote the rights of criminals.

Trent explains the Leal case: “As per her academic research and this movement, Babcock is now claiming that the police failed to inform Leal of his right to Mexican consular support when he was arrested. Allegedly, this failure violated the rules of the International Court of Justice at the Hague: Leal, as a ‘Mexican national,’ should have simply been able to call ‘his’ embassy and the entire mess—the body, the rock, the stick, the bloody clothes, et. al. could be whisked away like some New Guinean ambassador’s parking tickets.”

She adds, “But there’s one little problem: Humberto Leal has lived in the United States, apparently illegally, since he was two. Talk about wanting it both ways: Leal was an American until the moment he murdered Adria Sauceda. That changed in the brief space between bashing in a young girl’s head and wiping down the doors of his car. Now he’s a ‘Mexican national,’ a term everyone from the President to the New York Times to “human rights” organizations (Leal’s rights, not Sauceda’s) is using with no irony and no explanation, as they lobby to cloak a killer in layers of special privileges while simultaneously lobbying to prevent police from inquiring about immigration status.”

Trent explains the predicament into which the Obama policy is putting the police. “The police will have to determine if someone is a foreign citizen in order to offer them consular rights, but they’ll also be forbidden to ask if someone is a foreign citizen in the interest of not discriminating against illegal immigrants, a lovely Catch 22 dreamed up by academics. This cliff we’re careening towards is permanent demotion of Americans’ legal rights on their own soil.”

Trent also criticizes coverage of the case by the liberal media, noting that The New York Times “gawkingly refers to Humberto Leal merely as a ‘Mexican citizen,’ as if he wandered over the border one day and ended up smashing a girl’s head in with a rock, his decades of residency in the U.S. tacitly denied.”

A website [7] devoted to Leal and his case lists a number of articles and editorials in support of his “rights,” several of them from The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Gulag Note: Humberto Leal was executed on July 7th by the State of Texas and pronounced dead at 6:21pm CDT.


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13 thoughts on “Obama Pal and Terrorist Dohrn Linked to Mexican Killer Case

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  4. To MaryS…

    I tend to respect rodents and have raised many for the psych lab during my college years. Never, never have I known a rat to bash another rats head in with a chunk of concrete. So MaryS, please substitute a more appropriate word – like “vermin” or “cockroach”. Thanks.

  5. At least after all the efforts made to spare this rodent, he got his just awards anyway. Thanks for making this known to your readers. We need people like you to keep us informed.

  6. This took my breath away. I’ve been trying to tell our state legislators that we must stop international and Shariah law from permeating our State laws and judicial rulings, but they look at me like I’m crazy. Maybe this is the proof they need to wake up. Thanks Trevor.

  7. This has increased after congress stopped the HCUA and the Senate Internal Security Sub-committee investigations on infiltration of communist fronts and fellow-travelers within our government. Now they are in the government and are in area where one could not get a security clearance. We have internal enemies and they are being protected by our own government.
    God Help Us to wake up an soon befor more damage is done.

  8. Even when all of these people were brought to the attention of the voters when Obama was running no one cared. All the socialist and criminal associates of Obama were ignored and when he appointed the to key WH positions still no outrage from the public or the lamestream media.
    Thank God for people like Trevor. God bless you and stay strong and true.

  9. The connection is clearly shown. Liberal Marxists support “international law” (admiralty jurisdiction) which is what America is NOT.

    The history of this country is that the Declaration of Independance complained of an “alien jurisdiction, foreign to our Constitution and alien to our laws, which alter fundamentally our form of government”.

    The Revolutionary War was fought to purge and expell this abusive authority from the land and relegate it back onto the salt “tide waters” of the sea where it belongs.

    Admiralty jurisdiction is a military authority that does not recognize and protect rights; it enforces legislated positive law.

    In admiralty we find a Law of Prize which allows for seizure of property without due process of law in case of wartime beligerents (or enemies of the state). Socialism is founded upon Law of Prize.

    This country was founded upon the common-law which was administered by the State governments for the protection of the God given “natural” rights of its citizens, where citizenship was originally found prior to the Civil War.

    Admiralty regulates warfare and commerce, accordingly the national government was vested with this authority for these purposes. Because where there is admiralty there is no liberty, the national government was insulated from the State governments and the citizens of those States by a “wall of separation”. Congress was only given authority over Territories.

    We have now become totally “national” in character, subject to the international law character of the federal government. “Americanism” in its genuine sense, has ceased to exist. We are right back to where we were before the Revolution. The federal government only recognizes and enforces statutory “civil rights”, not unalienable “natural” rights.

    There is no “federal” Americanism.

  10. No suprise here, the tendrils of socialist progressive evil run so far and deep, it will take a long time to root them out and bring all of it into the light so true evil can be seen for what it really is all about.

  11. For the first 5 seconds after reading this I was shocked but then it went away to a feeling of we should have known . GREAT job Cliff . Thank you Trevor too .

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